Supporting Pantheon’s Community

Over the past year of working on Pantheon's Customer Success team, I've gotten to know the incredible community of site owners, developers, designers and marketers who work on the platform every day.  This group of generous, hard-working, intelligent folks love the Open Web (just like I do), and as I got to know the Pantheon community, I knew I wanted to get more involved. So when the opportunity arose to hop over to our Developer Relations team as Pantheon's Developer Outreach Manager, I took a leap.

As a developer, I've been a scrappy DIY learner from the beginning, and it was with the support of developers around the world that I found my way—in person at local and national events, and online on,, StackOverflow, Slack, and all the rest.  I would have never entered the tech industry without the incredible support of the Drupal and WordPress communities from my earliest days.  Open Web communities have always been first in my heart when I think about the work I do, and I'm thrilled to be moving closer to the community side of things.

As Pantheon's Developer Outreach Manager, I'm responsible for supporting our community wherever they are: in our new Community forums, on the Pantheon Community Slack, as part of the Pantheon Heroes program, on social media, at community events, and more.  That means I'll be facilitating conversations, listening to your feedback, supporting community health, and building tools to help WebOps professionals connect. I'll also be speaking at WordPress and Drupal events and writing blog posts on topics ranging from command line tools to public speaking skills, from diversity & inclusion to continuous integration. 

I'd love to meet you, so say hi at!

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