The Site I Built with Drupal. S01E01.

Brian from Modules Unraveled and I put together a short screencast for people unfamiliar with Drupal. If you are wondering what Drupal can do, or weighing your options in the world of web frameworks and content management systems, here is a common use case: a simple business website.



As you see, it is fast and easy to build a site with Drupal, especially because of the Drupal community, which Modules Unraveled and Pantheon are grateful to be a part. Enjoy the first installment of “The Site I Built.”

About Modules Unraveled Brian Lewis is one of the people making Drupal more accessible. He does a great job of explaining how to make Drupal do whatever you want, even if you don’t code. Brian’s site is a great resource we often recommend at Pantheon.

About “The Site I Built” In this small Drupal world, we get to know each other pretty quickly — we meet at camps, chat on IRC, and work together on sprints, projects and all kinds of other initiatives. It’s a great community, and I am happy to be a part of it. Nevertheless, it is hard not to develop a bit of a drupal-centric worldview.

Here at Pantheon, we are trying to burst this bubble, or at least make it a bit bigger. We know that most people who end up on Pantheon are “in the know.” But we also see people using us to kick the Drupal’s tires, and we know a vanilla Drupal 7 install is not the most compelling first impression. Nor does it hint at Drupal’s flexibility, scalability, and ease of use.

Yes — I said it, Drupal can be easy for new users.

This is our first in a series of efforts to prove it — we are calling it “The Site I Built,” (hoping it conjures up images of your grandpa, walking you down an old country road, and... um, building you a website). We want to spread the word about Drupal however we can!

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