See You at MidCamp!

We can’t wait for the third annual Midwest Drupal Camp this weekend in Chicago! Pantheon is excited to sponsor the event—which has a jam-packed schedule—and present the following trainings and sessions:


Drupal Development Best Practices & Building Sites on Pantheon: Are you using version control for your projects? How about separate development, testing, and live environments? Interested in integrating high performance technologies like Varnish and Redis into your projects? Just want to know how Pantheon works and how to make the most of it? Attend this training to learn how to use Pantheon like a seasoned Drupal developer and level up your Drupal development game. Note: Bring a laptop!

Trainers: Steve Persch & Drew Gorton

Length: Full Day

Cost: $25.00

Room: Check-in at COMRB 2nd floor

Time: 9:00am to 5:00pm

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DevOps and the Chocolate Factory: A Beginner's Guide to Automating, Testing, and Making Clients Happy: If you have been faking an understanding of concepts around testing, building infrastructure, and deploying and/or sidestepping implementation details of how to apply these concepts, we will rectify this at last in a fun, engaging, and memorable way. We will make sense of this “continuous integration” tool chain that seems to so excite folks at Drupal Camps and get you excited too. Whether you are a seasoned developer who hasn’t quite gotten around to implementing a sane, CI workflow, or all of this is completely new, you will leave with something that can immediately make your work better.

Presenter: Michelle Krejci

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Room: SRH 219 - Breakthrough Technologies


Why Your Site is Slow: Speed is one feature many clients assume they will get but do not always ask for. In fact, you are more likely to hear your clients ask for features or functionality that will make the site slower. As the person or team developing the site you must often protect the speed of the site. This session will look at key areas in a site architecture where speed may suffer and how to structure your project to ensure they stay fast.

Presenter: Steve Persch

Time: 9:30am - 10:30am

Room: SRH 219 - Breakthrough Technologies

Sales and Pricing Strategies: Successful businesses have happy customers. Taking the time to discover the real problems, pain points and opportunities of your clients will help you propose and sell the solutions they need. This will make them happy. Your business will benefit as a result. This presentation will cover discovery, defining value, pricing structure, and more!

Presenter: Dwayne McDaniel

Time: 11:00am - 12:00pm

Room: SCW 206AB - BlackMesh

Web Security: No Excuses: Knowing security best practices only gets a team so far. They have to implement them too. This session will cover the security risks that a web development team faces and the underlying reasons why risks can go unaddressed. Ultimately, there are no excuses for leaving your web projects exposed to known vulnerabilities. This session will cover common security concerns for Drupal and the root problems a team needs to solve in order to mitigate these risks.

Presenter: Drew Gorton

Time: 4:00pm - 5:00pm

Room: SCW 213AB - Acquia

Attending the event? Be sure to stop by our table for demo or just to chat (and get some sweet swag). See you there!

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