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Security Update: Drupal SA-2018-002

UPDATE: 1:27pm PT After analyzing the vulnerability and the most obvious remote exploitation path, we have deployed a platform wide mitigation and are logging potential exploits. At this time we do not see any systematic attacks. Patching your site is the only way to be sure you are safe, so please do that as soon as possible.

— — —

The Drupal Security Team has published Drupal SA-2018-002 to address a critical vulnerability. This the first update of this magnitude since SA-2014-005 (aka “Drupageddon”) back in 2014. In that case, the time from release to automated exploitation was around seven hours.

As soon as 8.5.1 (and related releases) came out, we immediately pushed the update to all site dashboards, where it can be deployed with a few clicks or via scripted mass-updates. Please update your Drupal sites now before continuing to read this post.

We’ve been planning for this since the Security Team issued a PSA last week, and have engineers standing by if additional response is needed.

As with SA-2014-005, we will update our status page as well as this blog post with any additional information, and will follow up with any interesting findings we can observe at a platform level.

However, I cannot emphasize enough that the only way to be sure you sites are safe is to deploy the core update. Please do not delay in rolling that out today.

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