Roy Sivan on Gutenberg and Web Applications: WordCamp Phoenix 2019

The WordCamp season starts back up in 2019 with WordCamp Phoenix, February 15-17. I got the chance to sit down with Pantheon Hero Roy Sivan, Senior Software Engineer at The Walt Disney Company who will be presenting Build Web Applications with Gutenberg in Phoenix. Here is a brief summary of what we talked about:

Roy’s session

The heart of the talk centers on building decoupled web applications with Gutenberg. He explained that as a developer, he thinks Gutenberg was built with really cool tech and is a good tool but it is not ready for building web applications, at least not out of the box. He will be diving in and talking about how he has solved some of the issues with his own plugin and how others might approach this subject as well.

What sessions he is excited about at WordCamp Phoenix

While there are a lot of great talks at the event, when I pressed Roy for what talks he is planning to attend, Jason Bahl’s session Building Static Sites with WordPress, Gatsby and WPGraphQL was first on his list.  He is also excited to hear Pantheon’s own Tessa Kriesel’s Building Gutenberg Blocks with ACF. I am looking forward to these as well and I am also super excited to present my talk: Nobody wants a website. They want results!

Where we can go to find out more about WPGraphQL

This piece of technology came up several times in the conversation. For folks not able to make it to Phoenix to hear these great speakers, Roy suggests checking out While this is a WordPress plugin, there are also a lot of articles and information about GraphQL itself.  

Why WordCamps are awesome

We ended the conversation with Roy explaining why he loved WordCamps and he summed it up as “When I think about what WordPress is, it’s the community. And the best place to hang out with that community is at WordCamp.” I couldn’t have said it better myself.

If you want to get ahold of Roy, you can reach out on the internet and social media @royboy789 or visit his consulting site ARC(CTRL).



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