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PHP 7.2 Everywhere

Today we’re happy to announce PHP 7.2 is the default version for Drupal 6 and Drupal 7 sites! This addition, combined with our previous release of PHP 7.2 for WordPress and Drupal 8 sites, means that PHP 7.2 is now the default version for all sites on the platform. See our earlier blog post for details on the great performance wins you can realize by upgrading to PHP 7.2.

Rockets blasting off

Speed up your existing site by applying the 1-click update from your Pantheon site dashboard. PHP 7.2 will work out of the box for Drupal core, but there is always the chance that some contrib or custom module might have some issues, particularly so for older modules. As always, you should upgrade your modules to the latest version before trying them on a newer version of PHP. Pantheon’s Dev, Test, Live workflow makes this easy. If you do discover that your site is not ready for PHP 7.2 yet, you may select an earlier version via your site’s pantheon.yml file. See Upgrading PHP versions in the Pantheon documentation for details.

PHP 7.2 is the Only Actively Supported Version

Perhaps the best reason to ensure that all of your sites are upgraded to PHP 7.2 is that this is the only version of PHP that is still in active support.

  • PHP 7.1 is receiving security updates only as of 1 December 2018

  • PHP 7.0 is end-of-life as of 3 December 2018

  • PHP 5.6 will be end-of-life as of 31 December 2018

What this means is that in order to get the best performance and best support available, you will need to get your sites updated to 7.2. Also, PHP 7.3 is expected to have its first stable release sometime in December. For more information on the active support and end-of-life schedule for current and older versions of PHP, see the PHP Supported Versions page. If you haven’t updated yet, we recommend doing so as soon as you can.

Pantheon Continuing Support for Older PHP Versions

At Pantheon, the continued stability and security of your sites is extremely important to us, as it is to you. To maintain continuity for older sites, PHP 5.3 and 5.5 continue to be available past their EOL date, as PHP 5.6 and 7.0 will as well. Whenever possible, Pantheon will block known attack vectors before the request reaches your site. As time goes on, though, it may become necessary to remove an older version from the platform. There is currently no scheduled plan to remove any version of PHP; however, the best way to reduce risk for your sites is to upgrade to PHP 7.2 everywhere. Now that PHP 7.2 is the default version for all frameworks, you can ensure your sites are up-to-date by removing the php_version line from your pantheon.yml files, unless it is strictly necessary to pin to an older version. Doing so will mean your site’s PHP version is set through the upstream’s pantheon.upstream.yml file.

Onward and Upward!

Now that you’ve updated your sites to the latest and greatest PHP version, you are ready to launch to even greater heights with the upcoming future PHP releases!


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