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For any modern company, the quality and reliability of their website are essential to their success. Here at Pantheon, we understand these organizations’ needs and work to provide them with the tools to drive their business to new heights.

Because of our hard work creating a turnkey solution for ecommerce platforms, we were recently endorsed by! We are thrilled to have an advocate who is such an authority in the financial field.

Pantheon endorsed b y is committed to educating consumers about the benefits and perils of credit cards, as well as financial best practices by sharing valuable, well-researched advice, the latest in personal finance news, and product and service reviews. They are the “The Ultimate Guide to Credit Cards.”

What makes Pantheon Special?

One instance that stuck out to was when the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) relied on Pantheon to weather huge traffic spikes from user donations following the Trump administration’s travel ban. Over the course of 48 hours, the ACLU received 8,500% of its normal traffic volume and more than $24 million in online donations. Without our platform’s speed and scalability, the ACLU potentially could have missed out on millions of donations due to their servers’ inability to handle that much traffic.

As part of their endorsement of Pantheon, conducted a brand profile and interview with Pantheon Co-Founder and Head of Product Josh Koenig, who said that the ACLU’s situation is all too common.

“It was a huge success for the ACLU to be able to move that quickly and capture the energy of the moment,” said Koenig, “and for us to be a part of that story — as a platform that was able to support them in making some quick changes and handling the surge of traffic in stride.”

During their discussion, Josh also explained how Pantheon focuses on three main components that are vital to a website’s success.

High performance rates from a UX standpoint

Speed can make or break a user’s digital experience. Society has become impatient and a matter of seconds can mean the difference between making a purchase or abandoning a site completely.

“There is an endless array of studies that correlate the time you wait for your experience to the likelihood of abandoning it,” Koenig said. “When your experience is getting someone to put something in a shopping cart and finalizing the transaction, that speed directly ties to your revenue.”

Pantheon has proven time and time again that our platform provides consistently high speeds to ensure users get to their destination without delay.


The limits of servers to handle traffic are a pitfall for any website, in particular, those that depend on monetary transactions. An incredibly successful marketing campaign can ironically lead to disaster without the ability to scale efficiently during surges in traffic. Pantheon’s containerized architecture provides everything a website needs to scale, including load-balancing, supercharged databases, and advanced caching.

“We maintain the high performance of your website through those types of internet scale traffic events,” Koenig said. “It’s really about a one-two punch of high-speed performance and high scalability. You need both if you’re serious about operating an e-commerce front.”

With Pantheon, the days of anxiety over the reliability of servers is over.

Pantheon supports agility

In order for web teams to be agile, they must have the ability to rapidly iterate. This allows them to adapt to fluctuating user needs, test quickly and continuously, and consistently improve results based on data-driven decisions.

“What is the user experience around product discovery? What is the checkout flow? When do you introduce the notion of an upsale?” Koenig asked. “These are things that need to be managed at the code level, and Pantheon suggests rapid iteration on that range of functionality and design.”

Starting with the user in mind

A big part of what differentiates Pantheon from generic, one-size-fits-all hosting platforms, is that it was built to serve the unique needs of each client. Different use cases are what inform how the platform functions. Because Pantheon provides optimized speed, security, and uptime, companies can focus on sales and growing their business.

To find out how Pantheon can serve your business needs, try it out for free here.

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