Pantheon: Serious Infrastructure for Serious WooCommerce

WooCommerce is by far the most popular WordPress ecommerce solution as well as the largest ecommerce platform on the web. That’s a pretty heady accomplishment. Given our reputation as the place people trust to run serious WordPress, it’s no surprise that serious WooCommerce stores use Pantheon. 

Pantheon + WooCommerce

WooCommerce Is Faster Here

At Pantheon, we’re very proud of the fact that WordPress runs 3x faster on our platform. Combine that with the fact that faster equals more money for ecommerce websites, and it just makes sense to run serious WooCommerce sites here. It’s a no-brainer. 

There are typically multiple reasons people choose Pantheon, however, so we’ve recently interviewed web professionals who build WooCommerce sites on Pantheon to learn more. Going in I thought the story I’d hear would be: “We chose Pantheon because it’s faster. That means my clients will be more successful.” What I heard instead caught me by surprise. It wasn’t even close.

It’s The Workflow...

The first thing I realized web professionals appreciate most about Pantheon + WooCommerce is our workflow. Yes—speed is important—but for the people building and supporting WooCommerce sites, it’s even more important to have a reliable way to make updates with absolute confidence. Professionals need to know that nothing will break when they push changes live. 

In hindsight, it’s obvious. If speed is important, so are reliability and uptime. Broken pages, cart errors, and similar issues make for very unhappy customers—and unhappy customers are not good for business. Agencies really, really like the fact that they can push their updates to a safe place, run initial tests and then have their clients review it as well. No hiccups, no surprises, no unhappiness. The result is consistent and confident deployments with predictable results.

…Multiplied by Multidev... 

When you add Multidev to the mix, our workflow becomes even more powerful. This feature is core to our platform’s value, but I wasn’t thinking of how it would be a standout for those developing with WooCommerce. 

Multidev allows you to have multiple development environments, with new features in one place, security updates in a different place and theme tweaks in yet another. Each one has its own URL to keep the QA and approval process separated as well. Test and deploy each feature or fix once they’re ready, in whatever order you need. Teams that use this workflow get to say goodbye to deployments stuck waiting on something else to go first. Ever waited on a CSS change to be deployed before you get that urgent security patch to production? Never again! Multidev to the rescue!

…And Even More.

There were a ton of other reasons professionals chose Pantheon for their WooCommerce sites. New Relic performance monitoring, SSL that just works, scaling for traffic spikes, easy team management, and more came up in consistently across conversations. 

Let’s All Get Better Together

All of these interviews made it really clear that: 

  1. There’s a lot of great WooCommerce work being done out there.
  2. Pantheon is an excellent fit for serious WooCommerce stores.
  3. Pantheon can play a role in helping all of us level up our WooCommerce game.

With that in mind, we’re working on ways to make WooCommerce better for everyone, whether or not you use Pantheon. Over the coming months we’re going to be showcasing several talented, experienced WooCommerce teams and their insights into what produces better results for them and their clients.

Smart People Sharing Best Practices

So far we’ve had Patrick Rauland share recommendations on Building Your First WooCommerce Website. We’ve also setup Developer Office Hours, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s primer on best practices for theming WooCommerce: Updating Customized WooCommerce Templates with Daniel Espinoza from Grow Development

We’ll have more as well, so watch the Pantheon blog and/or Twitter for upcoming posts. 

What Do You Want To Learn About?

While we’re talking about it, please share the things you’d like to know more about. Drop suggestions into the comments below!


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