Pantheon Rolls Deep at DrupalCon LA - 13 Sessions

Hollywood here we come! Pantheon is gearing up for our biggest DrupalCon ever. In addition to our always legendary afterparty, interactive booth, and participation in the High Performance Training "dream team", we're dropping knowledge in 13 sessions across the three days of the con.

Tuesday, May 12th

You are a Golden God: Melissa Anderson from Tag1Consulting and yours truly (Josh Koenig) will be talking about the glory and the pain of workflow automation and agile testing. The human belongs at the top of the stack. Check out this session for hard-won lessons about how to get there and stay there:
10:45am in room 515B

Drupal 8 CMI on Managed Workflow: It's all happening. One of the most important architectural initiatives in Drupal 8 is starting to pay dividends, and the days of kinda-sorta having things managed via Features, or frantically clicking through admin screens after a deploy are coming to a close. Matthew Michael Lippold Cheney (aka MMLC, aka populist) will show you the workflow you've all been waiting for, giving every attendee a reason to stretch to start projects on Drupal 8 ASAP.
1:00pm in room 502B

Making the Leap From Drupal Shop to Product Company: Pantheon CEO Zack Rosen and Commerce Guys Co-Founder Ryan Szrama open up on what it's like to make the transition from Drupal shop to a different company. Trading in projects for products, clients for customers, thinking about marketing for real; it's a big leap. Find out what they learned on their journey as you chart our yours.
1:00pm in room 502A

Composer Tools and Frameworks for Drupal: Drush co-maintainer Greg Anderson and Doug Dobrzynski — build manager at Promet — will talk about the future of site composition, makefiles, and repeatable deployment processes. There's a renaissance going on in the wider PHP world (#phprenaissance), and Composer is a major contributor. The future is bright. Be there.
2:15pm in room 502A

Containers at Scale: 5,000 Containers per Server: Pantheon CTO David Strauss shares our learnings from being one of the largest (and most efficient) container-based production environments on the market. We'll discuss our experience at the scale of millions of total containers, and give you ideas for what to do (and what not to do) for your own implementations. Come and see what's behind the curtain.
3:45pm in room 502B

Decoupled Drupal: What Why When and How: The legendary Amitai Burstein takes the stage with Josh Koenig to discuss the state of "Headless Drupal" and why there's so much hype and buzz around this use-case. This topic will address both the hypnotic mind-melting potential, as well as the practical utility (and pitfalls) of going with a decoupled architecture. Prepare to be both entertained and informed.
5:00pm in room 502A

Wednesday May 13th

Defense in Depth - Lessons Learned from Securing over 100,000 Drupal Sites: Pantheon Director of Engineering Nick Stielau pairs up with Luke Probasco of Townsend Security and Chris Teitzel of Cellar Door Media to talk about keeping your sites safe, especially when there's sensitive data at stake. From Heartbleed to Drupalgeddon, these are real-world lessons from the front lines of open source security. Not to be missed for any security-minded Drupalist.
10:45am in room 502A

State of the Panels Union: It's the Panels panel, with Sam Boyer, Damien McKenna, Tim Plunkett, David Snopek, Jakob Perry, and Caroline Boyden! If you're a fan or follower of Panopoly, or want to hear about the state of panels in Drupal 8, this is a must-attend session.
2:15pm in room Petree C

CI for CSS - Creating a Visual Regression Testing Workflow: Pantheon open source contributions engineer Kate Kligman will demonstrate how to save time and prevent broken releases by automatically comparing the visual output of your websites. This is an increasingly common requirement, both to keep clients happy, and developer morale and velocity high.
3:45pm in room 502A

Building a Successful Drupal Business (or, why we give all our best features away for free): Pantheon alliances manager Jeff Pfleuger breaks down the state of the massive market for websites, which is at a whopping $100B+ (and growing) in the US alone. It's a crowded and competitive space though, and he'll be talking about what it takes to stand out, deliver for clients, and grow your business over time.
4:15pm in room 409AB

Thursday May 14th

Making Your Logs Work For You - Drupal Escalation and Disaster Recovery: Legendary Pantheon customer success engineer Timani Tunduwani walks thorough how to create a modern application-aware monitoring and alerting framework, utilizing core Drupal features like the watchdog, but also cloud services like Loggly, NewRelic, and PagerDuty. Learn how and where to apply an ounce of prevention to save a pound of cure.
10:45am in room 515A

How to Innovate When Your Hair's On Fire: Pantheon's VP of Marketing Matt Stodolnic shares tales and tips from over a decade in high-level online marketing. Things are always going crazy, but that doesn't have to drag you down.
11:15am in room 409AB

All Your Search Are Belong To Us - How I Learned to Love Elasticsearch: Zivtech VP of Engineering Howard Tyson joins our own Nick Stielau to give a rundown of the fast growing full text search index: Elasticsearch. Even though Drupal has years of history with Apache Solr, there's a lot to like about the new contender. Learn how these pros are getting wins with Elasticsearch, both within Drupal, but also in broader infrastructure projects.
1:00pm in room 515B

Phew! That's a lot of talking...

We know! Whether you're a business professional, or interested in DevOps, Pantheon's got you covered for DrupalCon LA. Catch us at these sessions, at the booth, at our party, or reach out if you're a Drupal agency and would like to schedule a sit-down to talk about our offerings. See you there!

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