Pantheon Ranked #1 in WebOps, and More

G2, a peer-to-peer review site, announced Pantheon as a leader in WebOps, Managed Hosting, and Web Content Management. This is a sign of what's to come. 

Pantheon emerged as a leader in WebOps, Managed Hosting, and Web Content Management, according to rankings released by peer-to-peer review site G2 this week. The published results position Pantheon at #1 in three categories, including best WebOps platform—a platform that facilitates automation, rapid iteration, and cross-functional collaboration in website management.  This is a sign of what's to come from Pantheon, and arrives at a moment where the Open Web needs leadership and investment.  

The Open Web Needs Leadership

As the WebOps field continues to broaden, Pantheon is leading the space in an effort not only to serve our customers and partners, but to help improve the Open Web as a whole. 

"We're living through rapid digital transformation, and the Open Web needs a leader," our CEO Zack Rosen said during his Opening Keynote at Pantheon's recent WebOps Summit. "The web is somewhere up there between democracy and the printing press in terms of its value to society. The fact you can reach anyone around the globe, frictionless, at no unbelievably important." 

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There is no question of the importance of the Open Web—we've seen that in recent months, as businesses shuttered and people found new ways to stay informed, keep connections, and run their businesses online. But compared to its competition, there is a glaring absence of investment in the Open Web from the companies who rely on it to exist. 

"Device manufacturers have trillions of dollars of cumulative R&D. Telecommunication companies invest tons of capital in infrastructure and networks and connectivity. And app makers are very, very focused on continually building a better user experience," our Co-Founder and Head of Product Josh Koenig said during his Opening Keynote at the Summit.

"Then you get the Open Web. There are a lot of companies doing good business on the Open Web, but they're not necessarily making those structural advancements or investing in its infrastructure."

Ahead of the Curve

Certainly, it's bigger than one company, but investing in the Open Web is essential for its future. At the moment, this investment doesn't happen at the same clip as investing in SaaS products or social platforms.

Pantheon is hoping to change that by providing our customers a WebOps platform that helps them build, test, and deploy in real time. To do this, we're leveraging open source technologies like Drupal and WordPress, and we're building a product that will change how web teams exist within—and exert influence upon—the Open Web ecosystem. 

Pantheon is an opinionated platform, and those opinions are rooted in a very deep set of beliefs about our industry, where our industry's going, and more importantly, where our industry needs to go. 

— Zack Rosen, Pantheon CEO

Pantheon’s foundation in Managed Hosting and Web Content Management has naturally led the way to our #1 ranking in the WebOps category. Our success in all of these categories is because of our client’s continued feedback and engagement, which drives our innovation and shapes the future of our product offering.

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