Pantheon Raises $5M Series A From Foundry

Pantheon is excited to announce raising $5M in Series A financing, led by the all-stars at Foundry Group. It's a great opportunity to align with a group of like-minded investors to build something truly great.

Foundry shares our vision of a better web — we fit in well with their "glue" investment theme — and with their help we're going to deliver on the potential for Drupal as a catalyst. This investment will help us scale the Pantheon platform, improve our products, and deliver the awesomesauce our users have come to expect to more and more developers and site-owners around the world.

The Pantheon Vision

Right now it's easier for most organizations to post to Facebook and generate real-time customer sentiment analysis from Twitter than it is for them to update their own website. That's crazy, but it's the sad status-quo. Web CMS is stuck in a rut of traditional Software defined by enterprise licences and risky custom applications and has yet to make the leap to Software as a Service (aka SaaS).

The value of the SaaS model is that it clears away or radically simplifies the operational work — set-up, maintenance, deployment, scaling — and lets developers and site-owners focus on what makes them unique: their core values, their content and their customers. Just like you probably don't want to write your own CMS from scratch, building and maintaining your own hosting infrastructure might not be the best use of your time.

Pantheon's purpose is to deliver Drupal with the power and precision we've come to expect of tools like Facebook, Salesforce and Dropbox. Developers are un-blocked on infrastructure and site-owners get online faster with a lower cost of maintenance. Everybody wins.

Looking ahead we aim to realize the enormous potential of Drupal distributions like Open Public and with systems that supercharge the construction of sites — which is why we're investing time and energy into Panopoly, and with core initiatives for configuration management. The future of Drupal is giving quicker access to better tools to more people to do greater things.

We're well on our way. Pantheon already changes the way developers build with Drupal, eliminating hours of tedious and/or treacherous system administration, removing scalability as a risk-factor, and making the best practice the path of least resistance. If you don't believe us, try it. Pantheon is open, generally available, and always free for developers. Sign up today.