Pantheon Partners with SendGrid to Solve the Drupal Email Problem

Pantheon is all about "solving the infrastructure problem." The basis of our service is to do for sysadmin and ops what Drupal has done for old-school "webmastering" — taking hard, laborious, expensive, often thankless work and replacing it with smart technology solutions. We like to say that we "put the human at the top of the stack", which is where they belong.

One of the hardest problems in this realm is Transactional Email. Websites need to send it, people need to receive it, and in the era of the cloud this is actually quite complicated. At scale, email still has a lot of manual work requirements. Big mail domains (e.g. gmail, outlook, aol, etc) employ scores of internet postmasters who are tasked with keeping good relationships with other senders, working against spammers and phishers, and insuring that their customer's email is delivered.

That's why Pantheon is excited to announce that we are partnering with SendGrid, the leader in high-deliverability cloud email, to offer their service on our platform for our customers. They're doing for Email what we're doing for Drupal, with a similar model.

Integrating SendGrid and Pantheon is easy, as they support the common SMTP module for Drupal. They offer 200 emails a day for free, and are prepared to scale you to millions or more if needed, same as Pantheon. We go together like peanut butter and chocolate.

It's really a pleasure to be working with a provider with the same kind of model and quality of service. For us, it means we can offer a first-class solution to a common customer problem but stay focused on what we do best.

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