Pantheon, Panopoly, and Open Academy at Berkeley

If you who couldn't make it to Denver for DrupalCon, or who couldn't attend this talk, the video is now online. Check out me and UC Berkeley Application Programmer Brian Wood discussing their use of PanopolyOpen Academy, and the Pantheon platform to deliver Drupal to the many users at Cal. We're super excited about this collaboration in terms of what it's doing to drive development of Drupal both on the product end with Panopoly, and with Pantheon as a platform.

Check out the video here.

You can download Panopoly from Pantheon, install Panopoly and Open Academy from, or sign up and launch them on Pantheon for free right now. 

Also, you can learn about UC Berkeley's Pantheon hosting and Drupal cloud services that we've partnered with them. If your University is interested, please contact us.

Topics Education, Drupal