Pantheon or DIY Hosting: Making an Informed Choice

If you have been working with Drupal or WordPress for a while, you may not remember what life was like before the advent of the modern CMS (“B.CMS,” if you will). Maybe you used a framework, or maybe you built the whole dang site from scratch. What fun it was, building your own custom menu system, your own custom theme, your own custom database API.

Then you discovered WordPress or Drupal and life became wonderful again. Very few folks who move to a CMS ever go back to hand-rolling sites. Most enlightened website builders use an open source CMS like WordPress or Drupal because they know they are starting with secure, optimized code, and have access to a plethora of contributed functionality. It’s the smart decision.

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DIY Web Infrastructure: Think It Through

What about hosting, though? For small sites that see little traffic, it may make sense to do your own hosting. And with AWS and other vendors readily available, it seems like a simple and cost-saving proposition. But remember, running a high-value web property is a long-term commitment for your team, and poor performance means lost revenue. Important sites require some thoughtful analysis.

Before creating Pantheon, many of us built similar infrastructures for clients. As a result, we built some spreadsheets, decks, and other collateral for customers to compare the costs of building something similar to what we offer. This “Build versus Buy” analysis became a valuable and enlightening discussion. So, we put some work into making it something anyone can use. Then we got leading Drupal, WordPress, and DevOps experts to review and validate our numbers. Finally, we created a report that developers and non-technical stakeholders alike can use to make an informed decision on the short, medium, and long-term burden of DIY hosting.

Introducing our Build vs Buy Calculator

Give our new web hosting calculator a try. Plug in your traffic, your team size, and a few other simple values for an overview. Want the details on how we got our figures? Submit your email address and a full cost breakdown report—including installation, configuration, and ongoing maintenance of an AWS-based infrastructure similar to ours—will arrive shortly in your inbox.

If you have questions, let’s talk. We have DevOps experts who can discuss the costs and benefits of building and running your own servers, or letting our platform carry the load.

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Avoid the DIY Money Pit
Use our dynamic calculator to analyze the cost of building your own hosting and development infrastructure versus migrating to Pantheon.

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