Need Help with Your Website? Stop by Pantheon Office Hours!

Troubleshoot in Real Time with Real Developers 

When there’s a technical question or an unfamiliar situation, many of us will default to conducting a quick web search. In fact, many technical answers can be found by searching Stack Overflow or Reddit. 

But what if the problem is unique to your situation or systems, and too specific to find online? 

Before COVID-19, some of us had the advantage of walking to a coworker’s workstation and discussing the issue with a fellow human. While nothing beats a face-to-face interaction, Pantheon offers the next best thing with virtually-hosted office hours. Here’s what to expect.

What Kinds of Topics are Discussed? 

We answer questions from beginners as well as advanced Pantheon users. Even the most advanced developers still need help sometimes so don’t be nervous to ask for help! 

In the open source world, community is everything. We believe in collaboration and sharing knowledge. 

Here are some examples of discussion topics from past office hours: 

  • What’s the best SEO plugin for WordPress?

  • How can I use New Relic to tell what is making my site slow? 

  • How does caching work on Pantheon? 

  • Can you share best practices for using Multidev?

  • How do I roll back a change I made? 

  • How can I get my local environment going? And should I use Lando or DDEV or something else?

We also welcome feedback! So don’t be shy if you want to share your thoughts or request a feature. 

Who is Staffing the Office Hours? 

Our office hours are staffed by members of our Developer Advocacy team. They have backgrounds and experience in higher education, government, non-profits and agency development.This team is dedicated to education, training and advocating for better development practices.

Pantheon Developer Advocacy Team

What if my Issue is Not Pantheon-Related? 

If your website or project is hosted on Pantheon, we are happy to help if we can! Office hours discussions are not just centered on Pantheon products and services. 

In addition to WordPress and Drupal, our Developer Advocates can answer your questions about integrating other services – like BitBucket, CircleCI, Github Actions, Jenkins, Azure and more – on the Pantheon platform. We know what it takes to create and maintain extraordinary websites, and our team is here to support you every step of the way.  

Office hours are completely free. Even if you are not yet a Pantheon customer, you can stop by to ask questions or get information.

How do the Office Hours Work?

Every Wednesday at 11am PT (2pm ET), members of our Developer Advocacy team are available to help with your questions. There’s no need to register; you can simply show up! You join the office hours by clicking the “Join Now” link on the Office Hours web page

We use a traditional Zoom meeting for the office hours, so you might want to set up a Zoom account ahead of time if you don’t already have one. 

If several people come to office hours, our team addresses the questions on a first-come, first-serve basis. You are welcome to listen to the other discussions while you wait. In fact, sometimes our customers stop by just to hear what others are talking about or to offer help on a familiar issue. It’s a good way to stay in the loop on common developer issues while also developing community!

Where Else Can I Get Help?

For more urgent matters, we recommend reaching out to our customer support team. Ranked #1 on G2 Crowd for Managed Hosting Relationship, our support team of developers and engineers are second to none! They are available via chat, ticketing, phone or Slack. 

Besides our support options, we also have an active Community forum and a Slack channel. These are great places to connect with other developers, marketers, or web professionals.




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