2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards: Highlighting WebOps Leaders

We’re proud to share an update on our first-ever customer awards, dedicated to recognizing the top organizations for using the Pantheon WebOps platform to deliver innovative digital experiences that truly  make the world a better place.

Hero image by Felix Mittermeier via Unsplash.

“The secret to success is putting your customers first. These awards seek to do just that — acknowledge and reward all of our amazing customers and partner agencies for using our platform to create exceptional user experiences that make a big impact every day!”

- McKenna Regets, Community Coordinator at Pantheon 

What’s Happening Behind the Scenes 

Before we dive into specifics, we’d like to provide a quick update on where we’re at with the Lightning Awards. So far, we have seen great turnout, including the following:

  • 97 customers and partner agencies have registered for the awards

  • 13  of these customers and partner agencies have already submitted their story for review

With less than two weeks left to submit, it’s a race to the finish line! The great news is that there is still time to submit your story. However, please be mindful, submissions will close promptly at 12am PST on May 1st. If you think your organization or agency using the Pantheon platform has what it takes to be recognized as an outstanding WebOps leader, we encourage you to register here.

Award Categories

There will be 1 Honorable Mention Winner [runner-up] & 1 Overall Winner selected in each of the 5 categories, provided below.  Award category and the associated prizes found here.

Both the honorable mentions and overall winners will receive recognition among their industry peers (through press releases and social promotion), a Lightning Awards trophy, and customized badges to showcase on their site, with overall winners from each category taking home fun swag boxes to share with their team. 

The overall winners will be eligible for the 2021 WebOps Team of the Year Award, which is awarded to the organization that most improved its WebOps practices in the past year. In addition to the prizes above, the 2021 WebOPs Team of the Year award winner will receive fun team-building classes (like virtual mixology or cooking classes), plus recognition at the 2021 WebOps Customer Summit  taking place in October. 

Mover & Shaker Award

Like its name suggests, this award is dedicated to the organization who best leveraged the Pantheon WebOps platform’s uptime, scalability, and security — to create or support a social movement online. View the submission questions required to enter here

Innovation Award

This cutting-edge award is for the customer who created the best Martech (marketing tech) stack with the Pantheon WebOps platform, helping their marketing team create content, edit landing pages, and tweak websites in a seamless fashion, without requiring help from their technical engineering teams. View the submission questions required to enter here

Trailblazer Award

The global pandemic has required us all to change how we interact with one another and collaborate on projects at work. The Trailblazer Award goes to the team who best demonstrated agility to adjust to these challenging times. View the submission questions required to enter here

Impact Award

Whoever exemplified a relentless focus on their customers, site visitors, and business goals wins the Impact Award. View the submission questions required to enter here

Community Advocate Award

This award goes to the community member who best showcases their passion for helping others, has exemplary problem solving skills, is a positive influence on others in the community, and encourages others while using the Pantheon WebOps platform. View the submission questions required to enter here

Meet the Judges 

A diverse panel of Pantheon executives, industry leaders, and a select few Pantheon Heroes will determine the winners of the 2021 Pantheon Lightning Awards. The panel of judges consists of the following group of talented, passionate folks:

  • Matt Cheney, Co-Founder & Principal Developer Advocate at Pantheon

  • Tara King, Developer Outreach Manager at Pantheon

  • Sarah Fruy, Director, WebOps Partner Marketing at Pantheon

  • Tanya Berard, Director, Customer Lifecycle Marketing at Pantheon

  • Carolyn Shannon, Manager, Technical Documentation at Pantheon

  • Jose Castaneda, Customer Success Engineer at Pantheon

  • Brenda Boggs, Technical Engagement Manager at Pantheon

  • Alex Palacios, Director of Design at Pantheon

  • Francois Nze, Growth Acquisition Specialist at Pantheon

  • Jordana Fung, Technical Engagement Manager at Pantheon

  • Kelly Bell, Founder & CTO at Gotham City Drupal

  • Marc Berger, Senior Web Developer at Jackson Family Enterprises

  • AmyJune Hineline, Open Source Community Ambassador at Kanopi Studios

  • Audra Martin Merrick, Board Chair at Drupal Association

  • Helen Hou-Sandi - Director of Open Source Initiatives at 10up

Prizes and Trophies

All winners receive Lightning Award trophies and custom badges they can showcase on their website — for added credibility among their peers. 

Lightning Award Trophy for winners.

In addition, the five overall category winners will receive five boxes of fun swag to share with their team. The 2021 WebOps Team of the Year award winner will get to choose between a virtual mixology or cooking class of their choice for 15 of their team members to enjoy. These great gifts are our way of thanking our amazing partners and customer agencies for their immense  contributions to the online world — all made possible with their hard work, ingenuity, and Pantheon’s WebOps platform. 

Special-edition Pantheon Lightning Awards Hoodie, as part of the winner's swag. 

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