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Pantheon Launches Localdev 1.0 – Words from Product

Development on Pantheon is now more flexible than ever, thanks to our launch of Localdev for MacOS. Learn more about Localdev in this blog post. 

Localdev gives MacOS users a friendly graphical user interface, complete with a containerized local environment that makes it easy to develop and preview your Pantheon sites locally. Localdev allows you to edit files, code, and push changes to your websites while maintaining Pantheon’s Structured Agile Workflows. After downloading and entering your Pantheon credentials, Localdev displays all of your web projects on the Pantheon platform. 

Why Localdev 

We built Localdev to make it even easier for teams to break away from cowboy coding and take a WebOps approach to their work. While the ability to develop directly on Pantheon ("in the cloud") via Multidev has a lot to offer, sometimes you want the speed and ease of working off your local machine — with all your other tools at your disposal. Also, for teams with a mixed set of development skills, a friendly graphical user interface can help everyone make it up the learning curve of a new platform or workflow.

When you develop locally, it’s nice to know your environment is a faithful representation of the platform where it will run, so there are no surprises when it’s time to take something live. It’s even nicer if there are pre-built workflows for getting work and data to/from that platform, so you don’t have to muck around maintaining a deployment process. If it works on your machine, it’ll work on the platform; you can then get it there with the simple click of a button.

So, you're probably wondering what benefits you get with Localdev 1.0? 

Full Service Parity with Pantheon

  • LocalDev allows you to mirror your Multidev branch environments locally to speed up feature development and allow for greater experimentation. Code, database, and files can all be pushed directly to a Multidev from local development. You can also run multiple Multidevs side by side, allowing for quick switching between feature branches without having to stash existing work on different branches.

Launch Terminal

  • Localdev lets you access crucial command line tools like Composer, Terminus, Drush, and WPI-CLI without a manual installation or configuration. Everything is packaged up, sandboxed per site, and pre-authenticated for a smooth experience.

Pull & Push

  • Localdev lets you pull your site code, database, and files right from the UI. Content and code can be pulled from any environment on the platform. Similarly, Localdev allows you to push code and content — taking care of creating Git commits for you and transferring your local database to the remote environment. Using this workflow, you can work without having to use Git on the commandline and you can stage content offline to be pushed to the platform.


  • Shipped with phpMyAdmin, Localdev allows users who aren’t familiar with MySQL command line or who don’t have an SQL GUI installed on their machine to interact with their database via a web browser.

Parity with Pantheon

  • Localdev ships with an environment that mimics all of the available pieces of Pantheon’s unique stack including MariaDB, Redis, Solr, PHP/Nginx, and an emulated edge service. These services are configured to closely match the environment on Pantheon, reducing surprises when a site is pushed to the platform. Redis, SOLR, and the edge service are able to be disabled to save resources for sites that won’t use them.

Drupal 9 Early Access

  • Localdev supports early access Drupal 9 projects so you can start developing against the latest and greatest. Composer is available from the in-app accessible terminal, so that you can develop using the most modern workflow available.

Localdev can be downloaded directly at no additional cost. For support check out our documentation.

We’d love to hear from you with any feedback or feature requests! Tell us a bit about yourself and what you’d like to see next in Localdev through our Customer Feedback Form. Help improve Localdev by sharing bug reports and feedback in the GitHub issue queue, or join the Pantheon Community to post in the Localdev Slack channel. Get your Slack invite here

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