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Pantheon Labs: On Server Development

With the widening release of Pantheon, one of the features developers ask about most frequently is SSH access. Because of the nature of the DROPs platform, we can't simply provide a traditional shell login, and for a lot of developers that's like tying one hand behind their back. It's especially terrible if you're debugging: pushing speculative git commits to see if you can spot a problem is tiresome, and just plain feels wrong.

So we got to work.

Thanks to several different improvements in our binding capabilities, service containerization, upgrades to the dashboard and to the API, we were able to develop and now deliver what we feel is a solid first step (and just a first step, mind you) towards On Server Development

There's a bit more background on how you can use SFTP (and also rsync), as well as information for setting up on-server development in our public documentation base.

Pantheon Labs

To enable the interface demonstrated above interface, you currently need to opt-in. Rather than rolling all new features out to everyone at once, we're adding a new UI element the account screen where the adventurous can try out the new stuff. It's a bit buried for now, but should be there if you dig for it:

The Pantheon Labs section will let you toggle features that are new and/or experimental, which will start picking up pace in the spring. Currently there are two items on offer:

Custom SSL Certs: for customers who are ready to go live and pay, we offer a self-service UI for adding an SSL certificate for your domain. This is a paid-only feature since it relates to your live domain, and because it requires us to requisition a dedicated IP address for you to use. However, it should allow you to add your own domain's SSL certificate on your own timetable and schedule. No more waiting on support.

On Server Development UI: this is the UI you see above. It might not work perfectly in older browsers, but let is know your experience as we'll be making improvements over the coming weeks to tighten it up.

As always, we truly appreciate all the feedback, questions, and feature requests we get from our users. We're looking forward to a solid year of developing more killer features like this, so let us know how you think your Drupal development process could be improved with Pantheon.

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