Pantheon Joins the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace

Pantheon debuts on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace, which provides its customers access to an ecosystem of over 2,000 software as a service, virtual machine, content management system, development stack, and web service solutions — all optimized for the Google Cloud. 

This announcement furthers our commitment to working with the leading provider of Cloud infrastructure while maximizing the convenience factor, especially for those customers already using the GCP Marketplace. Learn more about Pantheon entering the GCP Marketplace, our continued partnership with Google, and what that means for your business’s website(s) running on the Pantheon WebOps platform below. 

Forging a Trusted Partnership with Google

Pantheon and Google share a strong relationship, with Pantheon being the WebOps platform of choice for Google Cloud’s Apigee go-to market and Google providing Pantheon with the perks of being in its Google Partner Advantage Program. This GCP Marketplace announcement is the latest step in the partnership between Pantheon and Google. Read more about our partnership in this case study

Since 2018, the Google Cloud Platform has been Pantheon’s primary infrastructure provider, enabling faster performance, a higher uptime with a 99.95% SLA, and increased innovation for the hundreds of thousands of mission-critical websites (more than 300,000!) that currently run on the Pantheon WebOps platform. 

Additionally, Apigee, GCP’s API solution, is a Pantheon customer that enjoys the benefits of WebOps to power internal developer sites while referring many API customers to Pantheon for similar services. 

Continue Using Your Cloud Platform of Choice

For customers already using the GCP to build, deploy, and scale their digital strategy with everything from popular web applications to software services, it’s a no-brainer for them to access the Pantheon WebOps platform to run, develop, and deploy their portfolio of websites — all from the very same marketplace. Ultimately, this means driving lasting results with your website(s) has never been easier. 

No New Contracts to Sign

One of the major upsides to this announcement is eliminating the need to sign new contracts for customers already using the GCP Marketplace. Now customers can streamline their billing process and spend their valuable time driving results with their website(s) using the Pantheon WebOps platform. You can visit Pantheon on the GCP Marketplace here

Additional Resources 

Interested in learning more about Pantheon’s debut on the GCP Marketplace and what that means for your business’s website(s) running on the Pantheon WebOps platform? Check out the official press release and our GCP Marketplace page for more resources on this continued partnership between Pantheon and Google. 

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