Pantheon is an Evolutionary Change

This morning I did a Q&A with Drupal project leader Dries at Drupalcon Munich. You can see the video here.

Overall it was a great conversation and we touched on a lot of important topic for the project, but the part that I found most exciting was where we started to talk about the future. It made me think a bit about how Pantheon fits in.

We’re not here to do an incremental improvement on hosting.

Everybody needs their website to be online — and depending on where you do your “hosting” you may or may not get that consistently — but we want to push things forward. Those of us building the next web need more.

We need a modern performance stack and fast, powerful version control. We need to give access to our team. We need testing environments, the ability to scale to millions, to perform routine tasks without cracking open the command line, and we need the whole system maintained, up to date, and secure. Oh, and we need all that in less than five minutes because this project needs to get going right away.

That’s how Pantheon rolls. We take a holistic approach, removing tedium, complexity, and risk through automation, integration, and superior technology. Our mission is to create software that unleashes developers and helps more businesses and organizations realize the full potential of Drupal.

The result of what we’ve built is an experience totally unlike what you’ve come to expect. It’s different, even radically different, and it takes a little getting used to — but we think it’s better. We think it’s the future.

The internet is a wonder, a living artifact of science. It’s always changing, evolving, improving over time. This is important. More humans with better access doing greater things is a fundamentally positive trend for the whole planet. It’s hope. I’m proud to say Pantheon is part of that, part of making the web better.

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