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Pantheon at DrupalCon North America 2021

DrupalCon North America 2021: Join Pantheon for games, puppies, decoupled Drupal, and more!


DrupalCon North America is happening April 12-16, 2021 and once again, Pantheon is delighted to be gathering with the Drupal community. This will be the third DrupalCon to happen online and the second one using the Hopin platform.

Yet Another Virtual Event?!?

Yes, many of us may have some level of Zoom fatigue. It is real and there are reasons for it and ways to address it. Our experience last year at DrupalCon Global, however, stood out from many virtual events we’ve been to; on the whole we felt like the platform and program provided real opportunities for connections and conversations. Given that we’re using the same platform and all of us have all gotten smarter and better about virtual presentations and gatherings over the last year, I have high hopes that this coming week will be full of learning as well as serendipitous connections, laughter and fun.


As ever, Pantheon will be at DrupalCon to share ideas, learn, and listen. Several Pantheors are speaking, as are a number of Pantheon Heroes, as follows:

Pantheon Sessions

Pantheon Hero Sessions

Rethinking Our Virtual Booth

One thing we’ve learned over the last year is that people don’t want to visit virtual sponsor booths. On our end, we’d prefer to be casual anyway, so with that in mind, we’re blowing up our booth in favor of a semi-themed hallway track.

Semi-Themed Hallway Track?

Yep. We’re ditching whatever a ‘normal’ virtual booth is supposed to be and, instead, we're offering space for us all to learn and share from each other. Every day, we’ll be running a series of Office Hours, playing games and even having a Puppy Cam!

Drupal 8-to-9 Migrations Office Hours

This is top-of-mind for many of us with Drupal 8’s end of life coming up in November of 2020. Many of us are upgrading to Drupal 9 now, planning on doing it soon or have recently finished. Bring your questions, experiences, and insights and let’s all help each other get better results.
Daily from 10:30-11:00 AM Eastern Time

Decoupled Drupal Office Hours

Also on the horizon for many of us are decoupled projects and while there are a lot of great sessions on decoupled topics, we want to make space for more ad-hoc conversations. If you’ve got questions, answers, suggestions, or conundrums, let’s learn with each other! We’ll bring subject matter experts from our team and we hope you’ll join us as well.
Daily from 3:00-3:30 PM Eastern Time.

Jackbox Games

We’ve run games at many events over the last year and it’s been a lot of fun so we’re bringing them to DrupalCon as well. We’ll be running a Jackbox Games party on Thursday with warmup events all week long. No need to sign up in advance — just show up and join us! We’ll have warmups Monday - Wednesday with a grand finale on Thursday.
Daily from 3:30-4:00 PM Eastern Time, Monday - Thursday.

Puppy Cam!

Yes, I may have saved the best for last. We’re going to have a Puppy Cam! Footage will be live Friday afternoon and available on demand all week long. If you could use a break at any point during the conference, come on by the booth to watch some puppies playing!
Daily on demand and live from 3:30-4:00 PM Eastern Time, Friday. 

Our full, detailed schedule is also on our DrupalCon North America 2021 detailed page — check it out as you have a chance!

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