Pantheon Drupal 8 Development (for Free)

Now that Pantheon is in General Availability (meaning you can get an account right now, for free, no waiting) we are looking for more ways that our service can help the Drupal project grow and prosper. One thing we've had for a while is ready-to-go installation profiles, but last week at the DrupalCon Sprint day we added something else: Drupal 8 development sandboxes.

It takes a few commands after spin up to get the environment using the new CMI (Configuration Management Initiative) system so that install.php runs, but shouldn't be too daunting for developers. Hopefully this can really help people in developing, collaborating and testing Drupal 8 branches and patches.

If you have other ideas for how we can leverage Pantheon's ability to spin up free sandboxes (e.g. training, camps, other Drupal initiatives) don't be shy about letting us know. We're super excited about being publicly available and eager to put our tools to use.

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