Pantheon's Role in the COVID-19 Response

Right now, our customers are under intense pressure to deliver. In turn, there has never been a more critical time for Pantheon to support them with our platform and our support. 

Helping others during COVID-19

Update 5/24/2021: Our Multidev offer will be available through June 30, 2021. Previous references to a September 1st end date have been updated. 

In the face of an infectious disease, we are all connected, as the only path to success is one where we all work together. This may sound corny, but it’s true and, in this case, lives are on the line. Every citizen has an important role in minimizing the impact of COVID-19. Each of us—individuals and companies—must take responsibility and help. At Pantheon we are committed to doing our part.

This starts with the obvious, such as practicing social distancing to arrest the spread of the disease. But we know at Pantheon that we can help with much more than that.

First, many organizations on the front lines and those in communities most affected by COVID-19 need our help to communicate clearly, widely, and publicly with their stakeholders. The Open Web is the main tool that we have in our toolbox of communications for fighting COVID-19. Alongside our advanced medical and research tools, the ability to instantly and effortlessly communicate via the Open Web is one of the main advantages we have now, versus during the influenza pandemic of 1918.

Second, digital marketing has changed almost instantly from a trend into an imperative. Right now, our customers (web developers, marketers, designers, and content editors) are under intense pressure to deliver for their organizations. In turn, there has never been a more critical time for us as a company to support them with our platform and our support. 

In this post, I will detail how we are approaching these efforts.

Volunteering our Expertise: Covid Act Now

Along with Pantheon's CTO David Strauss, I have been helping to lead an initiative projecting the impact of COVID-19 regionally. With a team of epidemiologists, public health leaders, and product designers, we built Covid Act Now to forecast hospitalizations in 50 states and 2,000+ counties in the United States. This data and analysis is helping response leaders make better decisions quickly, implement shelter in place measures, and ultimately save lives. 

Covid Act Now has been used by dozens of Governor’s offices, the Military, and city and state governments in the US, and abroad. This project and the results it's driving show the power of the Open Web, and how it can be leveraged to enable and advance a global response effort. 

Helping Those on the Frontlines

We are providing our WebOps platform at no charge to government, medical, or educational institutions with a crisis communications website, and to non-profits directly providing relief. These organizations should be able to respond to changing public needs, without worrying about traffic cost or site availability. It's our job to ensure uptime during enormous traffic spikes, and to provide tools that help web teams publish quickly, evaluate results, and collaborate in real-time. If this aligns with your use case, get in touch with us today to see how we can help. 

For all customers and partners, we've made Multidev—our most powerful collaboration tool—available free of charge, now through June 30, 2021. This feature embodies the fluidity of WebOps, allowing developers to work in independent, on-demand cloud environments with guaranteed parity to production. Multidev enables teams to branch, review, merge, and ship without any blockers. It’s a game-changer for remote teams. With organizations scrambling to do more with the web, yet unable to get in the same room to do it, we feel it makes sense to open up access for all. Learn more here.  

Powering Our Customers

There are so many companies in our Pantheon network who are working non-stop to fulfill a need during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are proud to partner with them in those efforts, for example:

City and State Governments

San Francisco, Pantheon's home city, was one of the first locations in the country to implement shelter in place measures on March 17. To keep the public safe and informed, the city distributed all pandemic-related communications via, which runs on Pantheon. We also power the response website for Washington State, the first national COVID-19 hotspot.

In this moment, misinformation and speculation can be highly dangerous, and directions on seeking help, giving back, and shuttering businesses must come from a reliable and trusted source. With Pantheon's help, state and city governments like these are able to offer a news feed of public announcements, as well as advice from officials and public health experts. We are humbled to be part of such a proactive—and so far effective—public health response. 

Higher-Education Facilities

The EDU community was under particular pressure when the pandemic first entered the US, racing to evacuate campuses and facilitate remote learning before conditions worsened. To help spur ideas and fuel creativity during this period, Pantheon hosted a Webinar in which representatives from Yale, UC Santa Barbara, USC, and CU Boulder shared their pain points and solutions. It was one of our most successful webinars to date. Now, many of our EDU customers are pivoting to not only e-learning, but also e-recruiting as the school year draws to a close. This digital agility is made easier with WebOps.

Local News

The new website is driving local reporting in a world that needs it more than ever. Through Patch, the public can participate in the news cycle by sharing stories and updating posts on geo-modified websites. This complex network is powered by Pantheon. The news delivery model has proven so effective during COVID-19, Patch recently surpassed the Washington Post in overall Alexa rankings, and is currently ranked the #32 web property in the US. 

Protecting our Employees

Even before the San Francisco Bay Area ordered residents to shelter in place, we requested all Pantheon employees work from home to help flatten the curve and keep our community safe. To aid in this transition, we offered a one-time stipend toward ergonomic home office setups. In addition, employees at Pantheon who previously worked remotely welcomed the rest of the company into dedicated Slack channels and virtual coworking sessions.

Accepting Our Own Ignorance

Though we are taking action in areas that are immediately obvious, we are under no illusion that we know how this will end. Every week at Pantheon, we remind ourselves to count the many, many unknowns as this pandemic continues to evolve. 

We are humble in our ignorance, and grateful to our customers, partners, community, and network of Pantheors who are all contributing  to the COVID-19 relief effort. We will continue to help wherever we can. Until we see each other again: stay inside, wash your hands, and keep your loved ones and communities safe.

Click here for the latest updates from Pantheon regarding COVID-19.


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