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The Pantheon Circus Hitched to a Whirlwind Named Drupalcon NOLA

It is all happening this May in the city of New Orleans for Drupalcon NOLA 2016. For five wonderful days, some of your favorite people will come together to celebrate and learn about the Drupal content management system. Here at Pantheon we love the Drupalcon and will be out in force presenting 13 sessions, meeting with many of our lovely partners, BOFing with our power users, demoing our new features, and generally having a grand old Drupal time.

Find us demoing….

Interested in Pantheon? Want to learn about some of the awesome new features we have rolled out in the last year? Visit us at booth #317 to meet our crew and see the product live. It’s not magic, but it’s pretty close. Want a 1:1 demo? Stop by our back booth to chat with an expert. After the demo, be sure to head over to booth #306 for a free DrupalCon T-shirt, which is screen printed on site. (One of the three designs shown below!)

Find us speaking….

May 9th

Lessons Learned Building Internet Era Communities—From Open Source Projects to US Presidential Campaigns: Drupal's first big deployment was for a US Presidential campaign: Howard Dean in 2003. That campaign rewrote the rules for presidential campaigns, outraising incumbents and pioneering the online grassroots model that Obama used to win in 2008 and 2012. It turns out there are many commonalities between building communities as part of online software projects (like Drupal) and for presidential campaigns. In this talk, Zack Rosen will distill seven lessons learned on the front-lines of US presidential politics, as part of the Drupal community and as a participant and leader in other online organized efforts.

Keynote address for the Government Summit

May 10th

Simplifying Security: Protecting Your Clients and Your Company: Do you have the answers to your client's security questions? Do you know what questions you should be asking your clients to assess their security risk? During this session, Luke Probasco, Chris Teitzel, and Drew Gorton will walk through how to have the “security conversation” with your clients, build a team and a process that gives you the confidence to take on larger and more complex projects which bring in additional revenue. Your reputation as an agency (and your client’s business) rely on a safe and secure site. By knowing the common pitfalls you can help navigate the treacherous waters of web security and lead your team to success and happy clients along the way.

11:00am in room  265-266 [FFW]

Becoming a TPM: Dos and Don'ts of Technical Project Management: With everything going on in life: kids, doctor appointments, car repairs, reality show auditions, aren’t we ALL really project managers? No, we are not. "Doing several related things" isn’t a project, and being in their general vicinity isn’t project management. Successful project managers in the Drupal world require both interpersonal skills and technical skills. Lacking either, we become panicked appointment setters or bitter ex-project managers. Join Anne Stefanyk and Jessi Fischer for an insightful session.

1:00pm in room 280-281

Agile D8 Builds: Doing the Most Without PHP: One of the design philosophies behind Drupal 8 is the ability to make simple things easy and complex things possible. While there is a lot of neat stuff “under the hood” with Drupal 8, this talk will discuss how you can leverage the Drupal 8 core stack to build pretty awesome websites without writing (or including) a line of custom or contributed PHP. Gone are the days of needing to install several modules just to properly model your data. Gone are the days of needing to do a lot of wrangling just to get a WYSWIYG. Gone are the days of needing to install a module just to make a list of content. Gone are the days of needing custom code to export your configuration to even more custom code. Join David Strauss and yours truly for a jam-packed hour of D8 goodness.

1:00pm in room 260-261 [Pantheon]

Writing Command Line Tools for Drupal 8 Modules: The Drush and Drupal Console maintainers have launched a new collaborative effort to unify the way that command line tools should be written for Drupal 8 modules. In this session, Jesus Manuel Olivas, Moshe Weitzman, Darryl Norris and Greg Anderson will walk through the process of writing a scripting interface for your Drupal 8 modules code using an object-oriented API built on top of Symfony Console components. Once your command is finished and working, it can be used from either Drupal Console or Drush. Going beyond the implementation of the CLI tool, this session will also provide guidance on best practices for decoupled module development. Breaking functionality into loosely coupled components facilitates the implementation of the command line interfaces and web services, and will additionally keep your code more maintainable, and easier to read and understand.

1:00pm in room 265-266 [FFW]

Building Your DevOps Gameplan: Are you feeling the pain and chaos of web development and want to bring the promise of DevOps to your organization? This session is for anyone that wants to be an agent for change within their organization. Whether you are a developer or a sysadmin or a business owner, it's easy to tell when things aren't quite right in your development lifecycle, and a lot harder to figure out how to get things on track. There’s lots of good content on tools and technology to help streamline your development and operations, but technology alone isn't enough to change your organization for the better. In this session, Nick Stielau will look at creating a devops gameplan for your organization by addressing the systems, beliefs, and behaviors that are holding you back.

2:15pm in room 260-261 [Pantheon]

Handling Powerball Night: Scaling in 48 Hours to Survive Being #1 in Google Results: had a problem many would like to have after the first Powerball drawing: the Google juice was flowing so fast that standard datacenter links (~2gbps) were saturating. And, because links were maxing out, they couldn't even know just how much more capacity they needed for the next drawing. Abe Brewster and his team had a couple days to prepare—on a site that requires nearly instant invalidation to keep its content fresh. There weren't many options they could turn around so quickly, so he and David Strauss talked to CDN providers and investigated other traffic-management options. It wasn't just an issue of getting a solution set up but also configuring, testing, and transitioning over with time to spare. This is the 48-hour story of surviving Google's catapult into the top 100 sites.

5:00pm in room 260-261 [Pantheon]

May 11th

Drupal 8 Kickstart: Highlighting key Drupal 8 concepts, this fast-paced session shows what a developer should understand to dive into a Drupal 8 site. This session lays out for intermediate and advanced Drupal developers where to expand their knowledge to include PHP OOP, Symfony, and new Drupal 8 concepts and coding requirements. Join Peter Sawczynec to see where and how to integrate a custom module in Drupal 8. When this presentation is complete the developer will have a solid mental roadmap of Drupal 8.

10:45am in room 260-261 [Pantheon]

Lessons from WordPress Core: Drupal and WordPress started in similar places culturally and technologically. After beginning with Benevolent Dictators for Life writing PHP 4 code the projects diverged. The split is most visible in governance models and the managing of legacy code. Now that Drupal is past 8.0.0 we are closer to WordPress than many realize. We are striving for scheduled minor releases (every six months) that maintain backwards compatibility. WordPress releases feature-adding point releases every four months and has maintained backwards compatibility for years. Join Steve Persch and Andrew Taylor for an insightful session on the two most popular open source CMSs.

2:15pm in room 271-273 [Acquia®]

Web UX in 2020: Web UX will see dramatic change in response to new tools, expectations and constraints in the coming years. In this session, Drew Gorton will highlight the major forces shaping our medium and lead us in thinking about how we should expect to evolve what we deliver in light of changes in search, social, mobile, wearable, and diy tools among others. We will look to parallels in architecture, design and other technologies and suggest future UX trends that will evolve.

2:15pm in room 262 [Trellon]

10 Reasons to Standardize on Pantheon for Development: Websites are the most important digital marketing investment companies make. And the numbers prove it: The world spends $130 billion annually on websites. That's more than all digital advertising—$110B. Who is doing the lion's share of the work? The Digital Agencies. There are more than 100,000 digital agencies out there and they employ over 1 million professionals. The success of the agencies is the web's success. But here is something that we've learned at Pantheon: For those agencies using Drupal,the success of the agencies is literally Drupal's success. If we want to continue to drive adoption of Drupal, we need to help agencies do their jobs well. When we do that, everyone benefits. Pantheon gives away powerful features and incredible content to help anyone who builds websites for clients. Join Steve Persch and Ryan Sears to see what it’s all about.

5:00pm in room 279 []

May 12th

Production is an Artifact of Development: The tools that build the thing are not the thing itself. A production-ready Drupal repository is the product of our development chain. Drupal project repositories include myriad development tools from a Vagrantfile to a Gemfile from Composer to Behat. We commit our SASS but deploy our CSS. We commit instructions to build the thing but deploy the thing. As we look beyond the Drupal community for tools to test, deploy, package manage, and build our Drupal projects, the creation of our Drupal root is the output of the machinery that we use to build and test it. Michelle Krejci will walk through her development workflow that conceptualizes production as a product of development and thus a separate repository.

10:45am in room 263 [Phase2]

DrupalCon BOF for Pantheon Power Users: We’re hosting a DrupalCon BOF session for our Pantheon Power Users Group. Join members of the Pantheon team and other power users for a chance to all meet IRL! We’ll be leading a discussion on advanced usage of our platform and taking in feedback from power users.

1:00pm in room 288

Real Talk on Front-End Performance: Only You Can Prevent Slow Websites: The first wave of Drupal website performance optimization largely focused on the back-end—tuning PHP, using Varnish, Redis, Solr, etc—and the best practices are well established by now. With many of those problems more or less "solved", and with a majority of traffic now coming via mobile devices, frontend performance is increasingly the key to delivering a great user experience. Achieving blazing frontend speed requires a savvy developer who knows the terrain, both on the browser/device side, and from the Drupal perspective. You can't just say, "oh we'll put HTTP 2.0 on it and everything will be fine," or "yadd yadd yadd BigPipe will take care of it." You have to understand what is going on, and how to apply that knowledge to optimize. Josh Koenig will be dropping performance knowledge for all who attend this highly anticipated session.

2:15pm in room 260-261 [Pantheon]

Find us dancing….

Pantheon’s Unofficial Drupalcon Party: Geeks, freaks, and voodoo queens.
 We’ve got it all in the Big Easy. Join us at Generations Hall with hundreds of your closest Drupal pals for food, drink, and live music. Bring your badge, and get ready for a good time. 

7:00pm on Wednesday, May 11

Pantheon’s Unofficial Drupalcon After Party: Let’s keep it moving with an encore production of last year’s extravaganza in downtown Los Angeles. Come find your favorite Pantheor for a special invite to this year’s craziness where we will drink champagne, dance under the moon, and talk about Drupal.

11:00pm on Wednesday, May 11

Pantheon’s Unofficial Drupalcon After After Party: To close it all off, come join us for even more discussion about Drupal and a little more champagne. There will be dances to communicate with aliens and one of the best views of the Mississippi. If all goes well, we will see a sunrise and head back (one way or another) to downtown New Orleans to get some rest before attending Thursday’s sessions.

4:00am on Thursday, May 12

At this year’s Drupalcon, we have something for everyone. Catch a demo at our booth, get educated at one of our sessions, dance with us at our party, or reach out if you are a Drupal agency and would like to schedule some face time to chat more. See you all in New Orleans!

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