Pantheon for Agencies: Now available instantly, for FREE

Pantheon has invested 65 developer years ($10M) into creating the ultimate Website Management Platform. Building tools for professional Drupal and WordPress developers has been an obsession of the founders for seven years counting our experience at Chapter Three and Four Kitchens. With Pantheon, we’ve supported some of the highest trafficked and most demanding websites in the world, many with dozens of developers at agencies coding, testing, merging, and deploying changes seamlessly—and not wasting a single hour of un-billable work on internal DevOps grunt work.

Pantheon for Agencies gives every digital agency in the world access to the entire Pantheon Website Management Platform. It launches today, and it's now available instantly, for free.

Introducing Pantheon for Agencies

Pantheon for Agencies includes everything your agency needs to seamlessly build and manage all of your client projects and launch the best websites in the world:

  • A master view of all your agency’s Drupal and WordPress sites

  • As many development sites as you need

  • Multidev for all your sites so teams can collaborate in the cloud

  • Change management to control permissions

  • Site management and tagging tools to keep people and projects organized

These are our most requested and in demand features agencies have asked for. We’ve packaged them up, made them even better, and are now giving them away for free to digital agencies. You can read all the details on Pantheon for Agencies here

Pantheon for Agencies generates hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit for firms

Here’s a simple ROI calculation for digital agencies:

  • Add up all of the hours spent on internal developer tools and infrastructure per year.

  • Multiply this by your company bill rate.

  • The resulting dollar amount is the yearly net margin cash-flow that’s now available for growing your business by using Pantheon for Agencies.

Shops with 10+ employees can easily burn more than $100,000 in billable hours a year this way. Pantheon allows them to keep this capital and reinvest in growth. That’s why agencies that build with Pantheon grow faster than those that burn billable time managing in-house DIY servers and developer tools.

Our team used to spend 8 to 12 hours a week managing servers and keeping everything updated. And these weren’t regular working hours, either. These were the most inconvenient hours—like when you need to get up at 4am to put the site into maintenance mode and do an update. Pantheon saves our team 12 hours a week in server management alone [saving the equivalent of nearly $100,000 a year]. 

Build better websites

A question every digital agency should be asking: Who’s responsible for managing our internal developer tools and infrastructure?

If it’s your top technical architect or most senior engineer, that can be incredibly painful for a growing agency. Website architects are frequently the single-most critical, overbooked resource in the company. They provide unique strategic value in meeting with clients, architecting solutions, and navigating complex technical challenges. Burdening this person with the responsibility of caretaking internal developer tools cuts exactly against the strategic interests of agencies and their customers. It makes it harder for your agency to build great websites.

The work we do for media organizations is very demanding, so it's important for us to have a bulletproof website platform that enables effective collaboration and can stand up to the torrents of traffic that come from breaking news. We use Pantheon because it just works—Pantheon allows us to focus on our customers instead of on their infrastructure.

What if instead, you could walk into the room of the biggest clients in the world with the most demanding use cases and have the confidence that no matter the traffic, security requirements, or management needs you had the horsepower of the largest Website Management Platform in the world backing you?

Now you can, for every project, for free.

Pantheon is already being used by 300 Agencies including NorthPoint Digital, 10up, Alley Interactive, and more.

The biggest surprise to me has been how noticeably happier and productive our team has been now that we’ve been able to standardize on a best practice workflow for every single customer site. Our websites are better, we hit deadlines thought impossible, and our clients love us.

Want to see what Pantheon for Agencies can do for your business? Try it now, instantly, for free. 

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