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Outspoken Women at WordCamp US

Working on the Agency and Community team here at Pantheon means that I get to meet a lot of amazing people from the WordPress and Drupal communities, including event organizers. I have also had the opportunity to help organize camps, and this year, I will get to lead WordCamp Minneapolis. When organizing events and choosing speakers it’s important that you find a diverse audience. One thing I’ve noticed as part of this amazing community is that we have a lack of diversity, especially with speakers.

As Mahatma Gandhi said, “You must be the change you want to see in the world.” In an effort to do just that, I founded Outspoken Women. Outspoken Women is a resource for women and non-binary speakers that provides support, mentorship programs, and scholarships to speak at open source tech events. Speakers can add themselves to our site and event organizers can add their events and call for speakers, as well as find speakers. For aspiring speakers, we have added a mentorship program to help them build the confidence to start speaking. We are also starting to focus on building scholarship funds to offer to speakers who are not able to afford travel accommodations for out-of-town events. I am proud of where the organization is going and excited about our mission.

Since I am in the WordPress and Drupal communities most often, this audience has heard about Outspoken Women the most. Which means we have a lot of awesome speakers from both communities. WordCamp US has done a fabulous job at choosing a diverse pool of speakers and I am excited to see quite a few Outspoken Women speaking there, including myself.

If you are heading to WordCamp US and want to meet a few Outspoken Women, you can head to any of the following sessions:

Friday 12/1 Sessions

Saturday 12/2 Sessions

For a list of all women speaking at WordCamp US, check out my lengthier blog post over on the Outspoken Women site.

If you think what we are doing is great, we are always looking for volunteers to join our team and help spread our mission as well as monetary donations for travel scholarships.

See you at WordCamp US!

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