Our Top 10 Posts from 2017 to Help Kick Off Your 2018

This might be the very definition of “the right kind of problem:” In a recent survey, our readers said there’s so much good content on the blog, it’s hard to keep up. There’s too much good stuff! Where should you start?

To help you find a jumping-on point, we looked at the most-visited and most-shared posts from the last year. These posts have proved valuable for thousands of your fellow developers and designers. They cover everything from Drupal 8 to HTTPS, workflow challenges to future trends.  

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1. A DevOps Approach to Marketing/IT Relations

The DevOps philosophy says that those who are most accountable for a specific change should be empowered to make that change themselves. For example, if your marketing department is accountable for your website’s content, marketing should be able to change that content without going through a chain of ticket requests. This post shares real-world examples of how marketing and IT can collaborate more effectively.

2. How Developers and Designers Can Prepare for the Future of the Web

By 2022 the web will extend far beyond the laptops, desktops, and mobile devices of 2017. It will be an even more ingrained part of our lives, with interconnectivity that we will all take for granted. Dive in here for a detailed look at the web’s future.

3. How Agencies Can Rock Drupal AND WordPress

Would your agency rather be known for being extremely good with a particular content management system or extremely good at solving problems? Agencies that excel in both Drupal and WordPress are better able to start with a customer problem and design the right solution, rather than focusing on a problem from the perspective of a particular CMS.  

4. Announcing Global CDN & Free, Automated HTTPS

Pantheon sites are now faster and more secure than ever, thanks to our new, integrated Global CDN. The Content Delivery Network, along with automated HTTPS, is included for all sites, regardless of service level and at no extra cost. This post explains how Pantheon’s Global CDN works and what the changes mean for users.

5. Streamlining Workflow by Standardizing Documents

This post explores in detail the two-week process Cheeky Monkey Media went through to resolve a complicated workflow challenge. The end result was a standardized document that holds all relevant client information in one spot, a solution that simplified life for all monkeys involved.

6. Wake-Up Call: Why You Need HTTPS

If your site doesn’t have HTTPS, you need to change that now. HTTPS keeps your customers secure, and Google search results give preference to sites with HTTPS. Discover what HTTPS is and what is involved to maintain it for your site in this post.

7. Custom Upstreams: Enterprise-Scale WordPress and Drupal

Pantheon has a unique approach to website portfolio management called the Upstream workflow. In this post, discover how Upstreams allow big organizations to use WordPress or Drupal for hundreds, or even thousands, of sites without having to compromise on either creativity or centralization.  

8. 10 Signs You Need to Move Your WordPress Site to a New Host

They say that breaking up is hard to do, but if your WordPress host isn’t meeting your needs, it’s better to make a clean break. This post can help you decide if the relationship is worth saving, or if it’s time to get back in the dating pool.

9. Getting Started with Drupal 8: 10 Resources

Drupal 8 is rapidly becoming the CMS of choice for big, ambitious projects. Get up to speed on all things Drupal 8 with this collection of must-have tools and guides.

10. How to Choose the Right Web Development Agency

Pantheon’s CEO Zack Rosen has worked with thousands of agencies. Here’s your chance to pick his brain and arm yourself with a framework and interview questions to help you choose the right agency partner.

Still need more to read? Throughout 2017 we published a series of in-depth resources on WordPress development. These deep dives are essential reading for WordPress developers of any skill level.

We enjoyed creating this content for you in 2017, and we look forward to continuing the conversation in 2018. Whether you visit our blog occasionally or are a regular subscriber, we appreciate your engagement and value your feedback—keep it coming!

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