Opening Doors in Open Source

Pantheon’s Gift of Open Source inspired 185 participants across 23 countries to make meaningful contributions to the open source community. Dive in to learn more.

Gift of Open Source is Making its Mark on the Web

For the second annual Gift of Open Source, we encouraged first-time contributors to make their mark on the open web with a number of helpful resources for newcomers to the open source community, such as this stellar First Timers Only page, along with posting helpful links to pages explaining how to contribute to both WordPress and Drupal

Along with encouraging first-timers to contribute, we saw a massive uptick in engagement globally. This year we saw contributions come from 23 different countries, including Australia, Belgium, Burundi, Canada, Colombia, France, French Polynesia, Germany, Greece, Guinea, India, Israel, Japan, Lithuania, the Republic of Moldova, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Romania, South Africa, Switzerland, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States — showcasing the far-reaching power of the open web! 

In the spirit of giving back to the open-source frameworks that have given us so much here at Pantheon, we were able to donate in $3,000 total, to both the WordPress Foundation and Drupal Association ($1,500 to each).

12 Days of Giving 

This year we kicked off the Gift of Open Source with a 12 Days of Giving Campaign that dropped cool, techy prizes.  This giveaway took place on Twitter, and we gave out fun gadgets, ranging from bluetooth speakers to mini movie projectors, to qualifying contestants who entered our daily prompts on Twitter. 

On top of the 12 Days of Giving, all participants received a mystery swag bag for contributing! However, only the first 300 people to register and submit their contributions scored a limited-edition Gift of Open Source t-shirt! 

We created a Limited run Gift of Open Source T-shirts for this year. 

Real-world Impact of Contributions

Check out the myriad of important projects and meaningful contributions — both code- and non-code-related — inspired by the Gift of Open Source, directly from the contributors themselves.

“Contributing resources to the A11y Project means there is a centralized resource for gaming accessibility, and provides a starting point to anyone wanting to make video games more accessible.”

- Carly Gerard  

“Able Player lets all users view video in an accessible player. It supports captions, transcripts, slower/faster playback, sign language videos, and audio description for local files.”

- Max Bronsema

“Communicating with new users, confirming their accounts on, and making them feel welcome is important because often this is a user's first exposure to the drupal community.”

- AmyJune Hineline 

“Training 100 young people between the age of 18 to 30 in web development using Drupal and WordPress from disadvantaged communities.”

- Esaya Jokonya

“I am a non-code contributor to the Drupal Community. I believe that non-code contribution is equally important as code contribution. It does not have a justified and calculated return, but it is a huge contribution to the community. It helps spread the word, reach more people, attract new talent, and grow the community.”

- Surabhi Gokte

“Volunteered as a moderator at various Drupal camps and conferences.”

- Rick Williams

“This allows people managing Drupal websites to leverage Drupal's node/field system to create web pages and other applications out of geographic data while automatically syncing crowdsourced contributions via OpenStreetMap.”

- Tyler Shuster

Thanks for Your Support and See You Next Year!

We’d like to extend a big thank you to everyone that contributed to the Gift of Open Source, along with all the supportive community members, Pantheon Heroes, and sponsor organizations that make the open web such a warm, welcoming place! 

And we’d like to provide a big shout out to the Drupal Association for helping us create two vital resource pages to help spread the good word! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to pull off an event of this magnitude. 

Please stay tuned for next year’s Gift of Open Source by remaining involved in our vibrant community to ensure you’re registered early and qualify for all the cool swag, plus check out our list of resources below if you’d like to get started in contributing to the open source community. 

Vital Resources for Giving Back to Open Source

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