Move it! Move it! Migrating Sites to Pantheon Just Got Easier

Ready to move sites from a slow, old host to Pantheon? Does your old site need some TLC? Today I’m happy to announce a new migration experience to help move your Drupal and WordPress sites to Pantheon. Check it out yourself by selecting the yellow “Migrate existing site” button in your User or Pantheon for Agencies dashboard. If you don’t already use Pantheon, you can create a free account to start migrating a site immediately—you don’t pay until you’re ready to add your custom domain name as part of going live.

Give Your Old Site New Life on Pantheon

With the new migration experience, you’ll be able to move your site to Pantheon more quickly so you and your team can leverage that time to dive into what you do best—building awesome websites. Using the Pantheon Workflow, your team can get everything working in your Dev environment, then with one click—or a single terminus command—move everything to Test for review, ensuring high confidence about pushing changes to the Live environment. We’ve also recently added New Relic Pro, now free for all sites, to help you identify and fix performance issues. So get going and breathe some new life into that old site!

Drupal 8 Now Supported

It’s also worth mentioning that you no longer have to manually migrate Drupal 8 sites, and they’ll work with the new guided process. Drupal 8 is gaining traction, and more dev teams are using it for new projects. If you already have a Drupal 8 site up and running and you’re ready to move it to Pantheon, it’s now easier than ever. Just like with Drupal 7, we’ll guide you to use `drush ard` to prepare your site archive and get your site into Pantheon in a flash.

Wizards? Magic! What’s Next?

The new multi-step wizard introduces a powerful new pattern into the Pantheon dashboard. In the future, we see the possibility of adding similar wizards to help you through other multi-step processes, such as going Live. If you’ve already gone through the process once or twice, you likely have it down, but why not let this new tool make our lives easier? However, if you prefer to migrate manually, we’ve added the option to drop out of the wizard and direct you to updated documentation on how to do so manually.

Whether you’re a new Pantheon user or a seasoned agency developer with dozens of sites on the platform, we wanted to make the process of migrating to Pantheon easier. We hope this wizard helps. Give it a try, and let us know what you think!

Topics Agencies, Development, Drupal, WordPress