Marketers Do Care about Website Hosting (But Don’t Know They Do)

When engineering and IT teams are involved in updating the website content, then marketing teams can’t move as quickly as they’d like. Some time ago I was at a company where the web site manager had to go through the following just to get content updates to the site:

  1. Get the content from the right content or product marketers

  2. Get the web design team to work with the content to get it to look right

  3. Get into the engineering sprint cycle to update the site

  4. Wait for however many sprints (each one two weeks!) until marketing could be slotted in, never a major priority from engineering who had their own work to deliver

Even fairly simple web updates could take 6 weeks if we couldn’t get in a sprint. Imagine trying to respond effectively to current events or viral content and having to wait a month and a half. Too little, too late.

And this is why marketers really do care about website hosting and infrastructure, but might not be aware that they do. A responsive, scalable, secure site solves numerous problems that feature in the nightmares of experienced marketers:

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Nightmare #1: Development Delays Miss Golden Opportunities

Because developers are focused on content updates, software administration, and security patches, they don’t have the time to develop new features that could make the website more compelling. Instead of an ROI calculator or a dynamic “see how it looks in your room” feature, developers typically only have time to change a few words and try to make sure no one hacks the site. Meanwhile, your competitor has a great, interactive site that your prospects are talking about on social media. The news is spreading like wildfire, but it’s not about you. You’re just losing revenue to your competitors.

Nightmare #2: You Have So Much Demand, Your Site Crashes

It’s called going viral because no one knows exactly when it will happen. Suddenly your new YouTube video or a great promotion increases your site traffic by 100x. Or 1000x. Or 8500x. Because your host needs to be able to predict in advance just how much server capacity you’ll need, instead of scaling, your site slows down or—worse—crashes entirely. Instead of talking about what you offer, now everyone is talking about how they couldn’t get to your site when they really wanted to.

Nightmare #3: Your Site Has Been Compromised

Site breaches are a real nightmare scenario. According to Neustar’s May 2017 report, DDOS attacks have doubled in size, but it’s taking longer for companies to identify and respond to attacks—and they often find out about attacks from their customers, causing loss of brand reputation. Costs to companies are on the rise as well: the loss of revenue during security breaches is estimated at $100,000-$250,000 per hour at peak times. If your team can’t keep up with security patches and alerts, you run very serious risks to your brand and your business.

Nightmare #4: You’re Spending Your Marketing Budget on Administration

This might not seem as scary as Nightmares 1-3, but if you’re spending your budget on additional contractors or staff to maintain your website instead of on marketing programs, you’re losing out on the huge impact well-run marketing programs can have on bottom-line revenue. Imagine spending the equivalent of a full-time developer on additional demand generation programs every year. Those investments are going to add up in ways that a developer headcount can’t.

Pantheon removes these nightmares by providing:

  • one-click security updates

  • elastic hosting that guarantees scalability—no matter how much traffic your site gets

  • efficient workflows for developers

  • the ability for marketers to manage and update their own content in WordPress or Drupal 

I admit I’ve found a couple of typos on our own site. You know what? I can go fix them. And our developer is working hard on very cool new site features, not on security and administration. And we can do both of these things at the same time.

Learn more about how Pantheon benefits marketers by reading about how AdRoll’s marketing team took back control of their website.

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