Launch Check: Find out in seconds if your site is ready to launch

I'm excited to announce a new platform feature: Launch Check, a collection of automated Drupal 7 checks for best practice site configuration - built right in to your Pantheon Dashboard.

Example checks include:

  • Caching. What are the optimal settings for caching content on your site? How have you configured both the result and the query caching for each view display? Proper cache configuration is crucial for high performance.
  • Modules. Are there duplicate or missing modules in your codebase? Are development modules in your live environments? This cruft can dramatically slow your site down.
  • Error Logs. See the overall error count, 404 entries, and PHP errors. These errors can compound problems.
  • Drupal Status. Get Drupal’s overview of the site health without having to log in.
  • Much More. Launch Check runs over fifty different tests on your site.

The net result is improved performance, compatibility and reliability, and less headaches for site owners - with no installation required. Check out our documentation on Launch Check in the Pantheon Helpdesk.



Enterprise service evolves to free platform feature

As part of Pantheon's Enterprise onboarding process, we review sites prior to load testing to ensure that they're set up optimally. To save time, we started writing automated checks to see how a site is configured without needing to be installed. By avoiding the observer effect, recommendations can be made quickly without getting in the way of the site itself.

A number of Pantheon Partners and Enterprise Clients provided valuable, extensive feedback, until we felt that they'll be helpful for any site on Pantheon. The checks were curated to be as actionable as possible, then were added to the Dashboard along with the existing site status checks.

Keeping it open for transparency and trust

We are champions of open-source - and Launch Check is no exception. The collection of Drush commands are fully available on as Site Audit, which includes a number of additional checks that are useful for deeper introspection. The Drush Site Audit commands are already available on Pantheon for use on any Drupal 7 site.

These best practice recommendations reflect collected experience and community wisdom, but at the same time are delivered by algorithms. No size fits all, but one size fits most - and there will always be exceptions or edge cases. If you have any technical feedback, submit a support request, or feel free to contribute to the Drupal Issue queue - either in the forms of feature requests, bug reports, or even patches.

Together, we can make a better web, one site configuration at a time.

Want to learn more?

Join us on Tuesday, January 21st for a free webinar as we discuss this exciting platform feature.

You’ll learn:

  1. Top 4 reasons why your site could be slow

  2. How to spot the most commonly overlooked culprits and take action to improve your site’s performance

  3. A walk-through of what an underperforming site looks like on the Dashboard, and how to fix it through the Dashboard

  4. Which third-party performance tools to use for popular use-case scenarios

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