Introducing Pantheon for EDU

Pantheon for EDU website management and hosting for schools

Today we’re excited to announce Pantheon for EDU, a free package for educational institutions of all shapes and sizes. Building on our success with Pantheon for Agencies and Pantheon Enterprise, Pantheon’s website management platform offers educational institutions a complete solution, uniquely suited to their needs:

  • Manage all your Drupal and WordPress sites and control access from one convenient dashboard.

  • Collaborate with team members on or off-campus with Multidev. 

  • Use custom upstreams to share common assets—theme, branding, authentication integration, and more—without the complexity, risk and headache of multisite architecture.

  • A solution for all use cases, from simple template-based sites to unique high profile projects, with a predictable cost model that makes sense.

  • Leverage Pantheon’s extensive network of partner agencies to get help from vendors who specialize in solving problems in the .edu space.

19 out of the top 20 universities in the U.S. already use Pantheon to serve their campuses. With this new release, we are happy to bring these capabilities to a wider audience.

Pantheon’s approach is uniquely well-suited to educational institutions, where decisions are decentralized and authority federated. As a platform, we deliver the benefits of standardization, simplification, and organization, while also allowing the virtues of inspiration, experimentation, and individual initiative to flourish.

With Pantheon for EDU, central services departments (e.g. IT, communications) can provide sane and secure website solutions to all their constituents. At the same time, independent groups—grant-funded initiatives, individual schools, departments, or offices—can run their own projects on the same common platform, enjoying all the same benefits. Everybody wins.

This is a game changer compared to DIY DevOps, expensive enterprise managed hosting, or restrictive cookie-cutter SaaS-style options. Pantheon allows education technology professionals to realize the full potential of both Drupal and WordPress, and deliver value to their constituents by staying focused on what matters most.

Any employee of a .edu institution can get started immediately, for free, whether they’re working campus-wide or just for a single school or department. Sign up here and get started today.

Along with the launch of Pantheon for EDU, we’re also excited to announce a select number of Pantheon Partner EDU Specialists. These EDU Specialists have expertise in delivering great web experiences for clients in the education space. We are launching with 50 agency partners including: Unicon, Palantir, Kalamuna, Mediacurrent, Cheeky Monkey, ForumOne, SystemSeed, and Spark 451. These partners have a demonstrated track record using Pantheon to build robust web solutions for schools, and we’re proud to partner with them to continue to support education customers.

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