Interviewing Dries at Drupalcon Munich

I've got my ticket punched for Munich, and I'm excited. In addition to checking in with all my European Drupal friends, I'm going to be interviewing Project Leader Dries for the opening keynote!

We did something like this at BADCamp last fall, and it was a great success. The conversational format lets us dig into topics more in-depth — hurray for follow-up questions! — plus the range of material we cover can be wider. Not only can we get a chance to see Dries in a more personal setting, but it's an opportunity to ask probing questions about how he sees Drupal's future as a project, a technology, and a business ecosystem.

I've started a thread on's forum to collect input from the community.If you've got questions you'd like to see me ask, please chime in. I'll be following it closely.

Clearly I'm thrilled and honored to be invited to participate in the Keynote event like this. I've spent a lot of time working in/on/with this project, and within this great community, because I believe in it. My colleagues and I founded Pantheon because we believe Drupal is key to a better internet. It's really exciting to be able to engage with Dries, to talk about that vision and what we see coming up.

Can't wait to catch you all in Munich!

Topics Education, Drupal