[Infographic] The Drupal Developer's Road To Server Hell

Most people don’t know the true costs of traditional hosting until it’s too late. It starts off fun and exciting — fresh boxes, installing packages, learning new technologies — but winding up an "accidental sysadmin" for years is no joke.

Each step seems like a perfectly reasonable good intention, but where you end up can be a bad place indeed.

To illustrate this, we put together this infographic to illustrate the Drupal Developer's Road to Server Hell. View the full infographic and discover:

  • Why $31k is a starting ballpark fee for a large project's initial infrastructure build-out.
  • What Drupal developers end up spending their time on with traditional hosting; hint: not the website.
  • All 10 steps on the road to server hell — in full-color, disastrous detail.

It's not too late to understand the implications of the DIY hosting path and plan accordingly. Share this with your colleagues before it's too late.