Do More With Less: How to Adopt a Cost-Efficient Digital Strategy

Now is the perfect time to invest in technology — no matter if you're lean on cash and resources, or if you're gaining more momentum than you can handle. 

do more with less

For several months and counting, COVID-19 relegated most of us to lockdowns, social distancing, and wearing masks whenever we left our homes. For individuals, the pandemic means fundamentally changing how we operate in our daily lives — unfortunately, businesses are enduring that same change.

Many companies have gone through rounds of layoffs, reducing their numbers by 40% compared with January. On top of that, 43% of businesses temporarily closed their doors by mid-May, and the uncertainty remains as the virus continues to spread. 

For most organizations, these unexpected factors mean fewer employees and reduced cash flow right now, compared to what was forcast at the beginning of the year. With many companies doing more with less, now is the time to perfect the way you run your digital operations.

How to Upgrade Your Digital Strategy

While most organizations planned to roll out hefty digital initiatives over the next few years, the global pandemic caused companies to move that process up to a matter of weeks or days. COVID-19 marks a radical change in business operations, and the way we buy, sell, learn, find information, and access benefits online. Many of these changes are likely to persist, even after the pandemic ends. 

With all businesses under pressure, now is the time to adopt a robust digital strategy that can help guide your employees, stakeholders, and business operations through both disruptive and tranquil times. Here’s how to put that together:

1. Reimagine your digital strategy 

People are stuck at home, and the primary way they interact with your business is through digital channels. If your social media isn’t up to snuff — or your website isn’t grabbing people the way you want it to — take this time to do a digital overhaul.

With less happening in the day to day, this is an opportunity to create longer-form content on owned media channels and to begin preparing marketing materials for when your company can fully reopen. Transition these materials to your digital channels to prepare for any business possibility.

2. Focus on customer experience

Right now, customers are uncomfortable. People don’t want to be limited in where they can go and what they can do, and major aspects of our lives are entirely out of our control. What we can control, however, is the experience customers have when interacting with your brand.

Meet customers where they are, guide them whenever possible, and show them that you care. The best way to do that without in-person interaction is through social media, email, and your website.

3. Future-proof your business

You’ve likely made changes to the way your company operates to handle COVID-19. Stop banking on things returning to normal; now is the time to establish your business in a digital sense, adopt a digital workplace strategy, and embrace the idea that digital transformation is the key to future-proofing your organization.

What tools are you currently using to make your business run as smoothly as possible? Do you have programs in place to empower your employees remotely? How many paper documents are you still using? These questions are just the starting point for analyzing how your business uses technology and where there are gaps that need to be filled.

A digital strategy isn’t just going to help you weather the storm; it will help you make it well into the future. Don’t waste this opportunity to bring your business up to speed. Now is the perfect time to invest in technology that can help your business achieve its goals — no matter if you're lean on cash and resources, or if you're gaining more momentum than you can handle. 

A solid digital strategy isn’t the only approach to operating when you’re low on resources. Click here to download our whitepaper, “The Ultimate Guide to Agile in Digital Marketing,” for insights on how to run lean without sacrificing efficiency.

Hero image via Stoica Ionela  on Unsplash.


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