Host Busters: How to Avoid Being Haunted by Bad WordPress Hosting

There are plenty of reasons why WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. It’s fast, flexible, easy enough for beginners but configurable enough for experts.

As cool as the platform is, though, WordPress sites can only be as responsive as the architecture they run on. Some hosting solutions can require constant maintenance and/or intense technical knowhow to keep your site up and running at peak performance.

Simply put, good WordPress hosting matters. So don’t be haunted by a bad decision. When you need to know everything about picking the perfect host, who you gonna call? Easy answer: the experts in our new SlideShare, Host Busters: How to Avoid Being Haunted by Bad WordPress Hosting.

The guide takes a comprehensive look at what separates the hosts with the most from the rest of the pack. Read it to learn:

  • What key metrics to use for evaluating a potential host’s performance

  • The four questions to ask about customer support

  • Six must-have security features

And more. We’ve also supplemented our team’s expertise with advice from three WordPress masterminds: Carrie Dils, Weston Ruter and Mason James.

The SlideShare is embedded below. Check it out to make sure that you don’t have to be afraid of no host.

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