Is Higher Ed Ready for Drupal 8? Come Discuss at DrupalCon Seattle!

If you work with Drupal at your college or university, you’ve likely had some internal conversations about if, how, or when your organization should adopt Drupal 8. And, hopefully, you’re planning to attend DrupalCon Seattle this year to learn more and find a fresh perspective from your peers at the HigherEd Summit!

DrupalCon 2019 Seattle

This year’s summit will be jam-packed with sessions, discussions, and opportunities to network, problem-solve, and brainstorm. Be sure to join Steve Persch’s presentation “Hooked: Why Higher Ed Runs Drupal 7” to kick off the conversation around Drupal 7 vs. Drupal 8 for EDU. If you can't wait until the Con, check out his blog post from last summer highlighting the implications for Higher Ed of the Drupal 9 release timeline for a sneak peek. And, if you're committed to moving to Drupal 8 (or 9), stick around for Steve's presentation on Thursday in the Builder Track. There he'll present 1,001 Builds: The story of Drupal 7 to 8 migration.

Speaking of whether or not universities should commit to Drupal 8, the middle of the HigherEd Summit will feature a discussion/debate called "All-in on Drupal 8 and beyond vs. Looking for Alternatives.” Obviously, we at Pantheon are bullish on Drupal in general for higher ed, but we know many institutions might stick with Drupal 7 for years to come even beyond the official end of life in 2021. Pantheon still runs Drupal 6 sites for customers using commercial long-term support. There's a very good chance the same will happen with Drupal 7.

Perhaps the portion of the event we're most looking forward to is the "soapbox" segment. These are meant to be a more opinionated version of lightning talks and at Pantheon, we pride ourselves on being an opinionated platform. These presentations will likely spark some spirited debates that spill over into the closing happy hour.

See you there!

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