Here's How to Assemble Your Agile Digital Marketing Dream Team

All too often, marketing organizations exhibit a lack of teamwork, an inability to collaborate, and an absence of trust because everyone is so focused on individual responsibilities rather than the goals of the organization. The marketing landscape changes quickly, and while it’s easy to feel like the best way to get something done is to do it yourself, this approach tends to create siloed groups that are working very hard toward different priorities.

On the other hand, an agile digital marketing approach allows an experienced team to collaboratively sense and respond to the changing market. My own marketing team at Pantheon operates with a scrum-like system that involves 15-minute meetings three times each week, giving team members the opportunity to deliver status updates on important projects. Thanks to this constant communication and support, we’re able to glean key insights from one another that we might miss if everyone were solely focused on his or her own role.

For example, during a recent opportunity, a project manager was pulling research through a rather labor-intensive method, and I was able to connect him to a colleague with access to software that dramatically sped up the process. In an agile digital marketing team, these types of situations are the norm. Great ideas often come from the least expected places, and if your team is used to functioning in silos, such concepts will never make it above the surface.

Agile Digital Marketing Team

 The Ideal Agile Digital Marketing Team

If you’re trying to create an agile digital marketing team, it’s essential to fill roles that should be clearly defined from the outset. The first is the VP or director of marketing. This individual will maintain a macro-level view of the marketing strategy, ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget, and break down barriers that prevent the rest of the team from working together.

Next, a talented graphic designer is needed to establish a compelling brand presence through web page layouts, custom illustrations, infographics, a variety of print materials, and/or event marketing installations. The graphic designer will work closely with a web developer who builds out the digital experience the designer created while also fixing bugs, managing security updates, and improving site performance.

Then, a content marketing manager will develop and execute the communication strategy, either owning the entire process or working in conjunction with other content creators on a larger team, such as the graphic designer, copywriters, and social media managers. The content marketing manager is responsible for making sure your brand's voice is focused and consistent, while a media planner will get the specific messages out to a broader audience and optimize campaign performance to stretch marketing dollars as far as possible.

Finally, if your organization is large enough, you’ll also want a marketing operations manager to sift through a wealth of data for insights and to connect your online programs with systems such as Salesforce, Marketo, and/or HubSpot. It’s fairly common for marketing directors to try to perform many of these roles simultaneously, especially in small businesses or startups that might not have the budget for new hires. Ultimately, they’ll find themselves spread too thin, falling short in multiple positions instead of getting one job done.

Until recently, marketers followed the strategy dictated by other company leaders. Now, however, according to Harvard Business Review, today’s marketing leaders are more involved in directing strategy than ever before. In order to be successful in today’s market, you’ll need more than a group of marketers who occasionally interact. Instead, you need a tight-knit agile digital marketing team with members who feel like they can rely on one another when the pressure builds.

If you’re struggling to build an agile digital marketing team at your own organization, consider joining ours! Pantheon is hiring team members who believe that effectively working together is the foundation for success.


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