Getting Started with Decoupled WordPress Development

As you may have read in our WordPress 4.4 announcement post, the WordPress WP API plugin is now part of WordPress core. This means that anyone with a WordPress 4.4 site can easily expose their site’s content as JSON and build a decoupled frontend (or frontends) based on that content. Although using a decoupled architecture is a relatively new way to build WordPress sites, we expect to see a lot more of this kind of developmental pattern in the future.

For the innagural WordCamp US this past December, I teamed up with Mark Llobrera from the excellent Bluecadet to drop some knowledge on how to build decoupled WordPress sites, and to show off some cool examples already in the wild. You can check the slides out or watch the whole video:

If you want to follow along at home, we have published the code examples we used to create a map of the locations of various pieces of art. The example includes a backend REST API endpoint that generates a JSON data array and a frontend HTML/CSS/JS static site that displays the endpoint JSON data via JS like so:

Building sites using a decoupled architecture is pretty powerful and with it you can make some really amazing web applications. For inspiration, check out the expanded version of the site we demoed in our presentation.

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