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Q&A With Geekhive: Helping a Client Who's Outgrowing Their CMS

Pantheon partner Geekhive migrated their client to Drupal 8 and implemented a front-end Javascript solution. This helped streamline CX and buyer journey, upgrade website performance, and improve the content editing workflow. 

Q&A with Geekhive

Buckeye Broadband, a high-speed internet, cable TV, and phone service provider, recently hired marketing technology consultancy and Pantheon partner GeekHive to help them solve two major challenges and give them an edge over the competition.

The first issue: they had outgrown their CMS. Buckeye Broadband needed a comprehensive, enterprise content management platform that could handle editorial workflows, digital marketing, and e-commerce.

The second issue: Buckeye Broadband wanted to change its billing system to CSG, a cloud-based proprietary billing platform used by many major cable and broadcasting companies. To do this, they needed technical implementation support, a redesigned customer experience, and seamless migration of content and data. 

The solution? Migration to Drupal 8 with Pantheon,  and a front-end Javascript solution. This migration, along with the decoupled CMS, enabled Buckeye Broadband to streamline the CX and buyer journey, upgrade website performance, and improve the content editing workflow. 

“As part of our solution, we facilitated the company’s transition to Pantheon,” says a member of the GeekHive team. “Now, Buckeye Broadband no longer needs to manage website deployments or handle security patches internally. By partnering with Pantheon, Buckeye Broadband is able to experience a more secure and reliable website with increased site speed.” 

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There were a number of unique considerations in building out Buckeye Broadband’s new platform. Here, we sit down with GeekHive's team to talk through how they devised and implemented their solution.

1. What problem were you trying to solve for Buckeye Broadband?

Buckeye Broadband sought the opportunity to upgrade its website and integrate a new state-of-the-art billing system within its marketing technology stack. The company wanted to be able to improve the buyer’s journey and streamline the customer experience across multiple digital touchpoints, but first needed to migrate over to an enterprise-level CMS.

Buckeye had been using eCommerce platform Magento in place of an actual CMS for its website. So, in order to deliver a competitive digital experience that could satisfy its customers, it was time for the company to move to a powerful and flexible content management system. 

2. What solution did you offer?

Our Drupal experts helped Buckeye Broadband take advantage of several new features within Drupal 8 to simplify website management, improve the content editing experience, and maximize utilization of the platform. Once Drupal 8 was securely implemented and supported, our team built a front-end Javascript solution to connect the new Buckeye Broadband proprietary billing system with Drupal CMS through API integration.

3. What led you to recommend Drupal above other CMS solutions?

Our team recommended Drupal as a future-ready and flexible CMS that could bring Buckeye Broadband up to speed with its customers and increase the company's competitive edge.

While Buckeye Broadband had attempted to utilize Magento as its primary marketing technology platform, the strength of Magento resides in its eCommerce features and capabilities. So, we recommended Drupal 8 as a preferred, scalable CMS solution for Buckeye Broadband that could better serve the needs of the company while meeting the demands of its customers.​

We followed best practices for Drupal 8 implementation—removing deprecated code and using our open-source development skills to create a solid and scalable digital framework that will be compatible with Drupal 9 when the company next upgrades. 

4. What are the benefits of a decoupled CMS in this instance?

We decided to build a progressively decoupled CMS on the Drupal 8 platform. By taking this type of approach, Buckeye Broadband would be able to keep the checkout process separate from the editorial workflow of the content management system, yet ensure it was an integrated digital experience from the eyes of the customer. 

5. How did you integrate a cloud-based billing platform into Buckeye Broadband's technology stack?

Using React.js technology, we were able to create a customer checkout flow that integrated the e-commerce and content management platforms for a seamless and streamlined customer experience. 

6. Why did you decide to transition Buckeye Broadband to Pantheon? 

With security being of utmost importance, our team recommended Pantheon for high-performance cloud-based hosting to ensure a more secure and reliable website. Since we transitioned Buckeye Broadband over to Pantheon, website performance has also improved, since Pantheon helps to increase site speed by reducing the amount of time it takes for web pages to load.


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