Drush 5.1 and SSH Tunnels

We're happy to announce that we've updated the bundled version of Drush on Pantheon to 5.1. With the accompanying update to our drush.in SSH gateway, we've also added much better support for interactive commands — including the much-beloved sql-cli, which allows you to access mysql directly. You can find instructions on running Drush on Pantheon in our helpdesk.

We have also improved drush.in to allow you to create SSH tunnels. This is an advanced feature: it's good right now for customers who want to access their database or Redis cache over an encrypted channel, and will be another good piece in the Pantheon toolbelt going forward. Copy/paste instructions for setting up tunnels will be added to the dashboard soon, but for those who are already savvy the mechanism is straightforward.

Every site on pantheon has a UUID (unique id) which you can find in your dashboard url or other places. Targeting the right service in the right environment is a matter of combining this with the UUID. For instance, suppose I had a site ID of 311d8ef5-4fc8-4bd2-8644-6c842f3f1941, I would use domains like:

  • dbserver.dev.311d8ef5-4fc8-4bd2-8644-6c842f3f1941.drush.in for the development environment database
  • cacheserver.test.311d8ef5-4fc8-4bd2-8644-6c842f3f1941.drush.in for the test environment cache

You can find the proper ports to tunnel into (as well as the authentication information you need to use your client) in the mysql connection screen. There's more information on making tunnels in the helpdesk.

We're always improving Pantheon with additional features and functionality. Let us know what else you'd like to see by posting an "Idea" on our community support site.

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