Drupal Works Wonders for Marketing, But How Do You Get Marketers into Drupal?

Have you ever had a marketing client say: “Make sure we run the site on Drupal?”

Probably not.

Drupal is historically a developer-driven solution that exists in the space between do-it-yourself and mass-market applications like Wix and Proprietary Enterprise Solutions™ like AEM. It doesn’t have mass-market recognition nor an enterprise sales team actively pushing it on CMOs.

But what Drupal does have is an enthusiastic population of technically-minded folks who know how to use Drupal to create ambitious digital experiences. Often times, the challenge for these folks is translating that enthusiasm to someone who doesn’t have that same technical background.

A Developer Speaking to a Marketer with a Question Mark Over Her Head

Marketers Make Drupal Decisions

One of the things I enjoy about my work here at Pantheon is the chance it’s given me to move up a layer from running an agency to being able to focus on larger industry trends. In our upcoming “State of the Agency” report (stay tuned to our blog and social for more), we’ve identified a few trends related to Drupal’s changing market. In particular, it’s clear that those agencies who’ve learned how to effectively partner with their colleagues in marketing departments have higher margins, more recurring revenue, and more strategic, long-term relationships than those who don’t.

This may not be surprising to many of us but it has been very interesting to see this observed trend borne out in data. Increasingly, marketing departments own the decisions that go into creating ambitious digital experiences.

What’s a Technologist to do?

In pitching your agency to marketing buyers, it’s critical to focus on outcomes rather than the technology. Marketers may not care that Drupal is an extremely flexible, open-source ecosystem. They probably will be interested in learning how sites designed with Drupal outperform other websites. Similarly, instead of explaining how Drupal allows developers to leverage existing code, it’s probably more effective to highlight how Drupal can help a site owner iterate faster at a lower cost.

By translating the technical features of Drupal into the benefits that matter most to marketers—improved performance, lower costs, and faster turnaround—you can increase your success in selling Drupal to marketing teams.

Learn More about Selling to the Marketing Buyer at DrupalCon

For an in-depth look at selling to the marketing buyer, register for our DrupalCon training session on Monday, April 8, 2019, from 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. at DrupalCon in Seattle, WA.

During the session, attendees will:

  • Learn the fundamentals of what Marketers do and need

  • Hear from professional Marketers on what they look for from vendors

  • Review best practices in sales

  • Hear from Drupal sales professionals who have walked the walk and are successfully selling to a marketing buyer

  • Have time to workshop their own sales pitches and processes and refine them with feedback from our marketing and sales experts

I will be leading this training but what I’m really excited about is the chance to highlight the insights of several talented professionals:

And, all of these folks will be staying through the workshop portion of the afternoon, where we help attendees work through their own needs. All in all, I have high expectations for the training. If it sounds interesting to you as well, please register!

Register Now

Marketing Primer at DrupalCon

If you’re not able to make it to the training, I’ll also be sharing some of these insights later that week in my A Drupalers Guide to Marketing session on Thursday, April 11 in the Agency Leadership track. That talk will focus on the fundamentals of what Marketers do and need with the goal of helping technologists better understand and connect with their Marketing clients.

Stay Tuned For More!

Naturally, Pantheon has a lot of great things ton offer at DrupalCon Seattle this year. Our Partner Day is going to be great and Emily Miller recently shared some of her excitement about this year’s Higher Ed summit. On top of that, we’ve got a number of trainings and sessions coming from Pantheors. If you’re going to be there as well, check out our roundup of all the things we’ll be doing at DrupalCon Seattle! We all hope to see you there!


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