Drupal Mentoring Gives New Contributors Superpowers!

I still remember my first DrupalCon contribution day. It was in Portland in 2013, and I'd heard the message all week: Anyone can give back! Join us on contribution day! 

Taking a leap of faith, I showed up on Friday to participate in my first mentored contribution day. I didn't achieve all that much on that Friday, but I was lucky enough to get a glimpse into the real magic of open-source: People working together to make something new, helping each other and learning new skills along the way. I was hooked. 

Over the years, I joined the mentoring team and helped others contribute back to the Drupal community, too.  Not only did the Drupal core mentoring team teach me so much about the mechanisms of open source contribution and Drupal, but they also showed me how to help others learn how to work in open source.  The core mentors introduce new contributors to the project and are a critical part of the Drupal ecosystem.  

Here at Pantheon, we proudly support the Drupal community. To show our support & appreciation, we sponsored a special Thank You dinner at DrupalCon Amsterdam this year. Organized by Drupal enthusiast, Merel van Empel, twenty-five people enjoyed a delicious vegan dinner at Mr. Stacks. My favorites included the black pancakes and sesame cotton candy!


If you have never contributed to Drupal, check out your local camps to see if they offer a mentored contribution day, or attend contribution day at DrupalCon Minneapolis.  

If you have contributed to Drupal but aren't involved in the mentoring effort, join our Slack channel and get involved! You won't regret it. 

Interested in more Drupal community content? Join our forums at https://discuss.pantheon.io.

Drupal mentors are great candidates for the Pantheon Heroes program! Apply today

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