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Marketers might not have considered Drupal in recent years,  as it's typically been viewed as a complex content management system designed exclusively with developers in mind. We're here to bust this myth in the following post about Drupal for marketers. 

Industry trends have led platforms to make their products more accessible to people without a technical or engineering background. Drupal has long been perceived as being too technical for a non-dev audience to use, but that stigma is slowly changing. Find out how Drupal is for marketers in the following post.

Why Drupal Is Suited For Marketers

Some of Drupal’s most notable features are geared toward helping marketing professionals reach their goals. It starts with the integration of marketing automation platforms like Hubspot, Salesforce, Crazy Egg, and several others. These are essential marketing tools to keep your business ahead of the competition, and now it’s easier than ever before to integrate them with Drupal. 

A fully-customized website is required to stand out from your competition today. You can’t have too basic of a website, but you also can’t have one that’s so flashy that consumers don’t know where to click to find the information they are seeking. Drupal for marketers makes a professional’s job easier by providing support for customization of website experiences. Many of the frustrations in past Drupal versions have been eliminated to allow marketers to do their jobs more efficiently. Every piece of content created can have maximum impact with the features like multilingual capabilities, integration options, SEO benefits, intuitive content authoring, and more.

Drupal Is Optimized For Developers

Drupal has long been known as a platform designed for developers and that hasn’t changed. Your technical team will still be pleased with Drupal’s features, including its long list of customization options — to help you create the perfect site for your needs.

The difference now is marketers can enjoy the user-friendliness of the platform so your entire organization can be on the same page. You can operate your business more efficiently when the technical team and the marketing team understand each other’s goals and can work together in the same direction to move the business forward. A business owner’s dream is to provide every level of an organization the opportunity to work with one another to achieve common goals. The latest version of Drupal (D9) offers exactly that and builds on each positive aspect that came before it.

Drupal Constantly Improves

A major plus about Drupal for marketers is it constantly improves with every update. Drupal 8 was great, but Drupal 9 is even better. And Drupal 10 is in progress and is expected to be even better than Drupal 9. Each version builds on what has worked well in the previous version — all while enhancing any issues or limitations. The goal with each update is to improve the accessibility for non-technical audiences like marketers, without sacrificing what makes it great for developers and technical audiences.

It’s this accessibility that’s a marketer’s dream, giving them the ability to create a website designed to target their specific audience. But there’s also a balance here, when it comes to user-friendliness for non-technical people without sacrificing its appeal to developers and technical professionals. Drupal for marketers balances those differences to satisfy the needs of developers while also making the platform usable for people who don’t have a technical background.

Accessibility To Content Authors Is Key

The current version of Drupal 9 boosts accessibility to content authors in various ways. Development teams can focus on higher priority work rather than spending a lot of time on landing pages or website updates. Since Drupal 9 is more user-friendly for non-technical people when set up properly, marketing professionals can create, edit, and publish content when they want and how they want. No more waiting around for technical teams to publish content or assist non-technical marketing professionals. Some of the other ways Drupal 9 is great for marketers and content authors include:

  • Layout Builder: Content authors love layout builder since it gives them the ability to build web pages and modify them with ease. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows designers to see the changes they are making in real-time before applying the changes to go live. And the best part about it is they don’t have to learn and apply code to build and design the website for maximum functionality.

  • WYSIWYG Media Library: Both content authors and designers can enjoy the intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) to help them perform seamless updates to websites. Anything from uploading and collaborating using visual assets like images and videos makes a marketer’s job easier. And the ability to customize each type of media’s required fields makes for ease of organization, which has been a flaw of previous versions of Drupal for marketers. What you see when making updates to the website is exactly what consumers will see, so you won’t have to guess or make as many adjustments when the website goes live.

  • Claro Admin Theme: The Claro Admin Theme was introduced first in Drupal 8 and is now a default theme in Drupal 9. The idea of the Claro Admin Theme is to make Drupal for marketers simpler, more responsive, and more aesthetically pleasing. Both engineers and marketers alike can appreciate these features as it makes everyone’s job more efficient.

Drupal for marketers has long had the reputation of not being user-friendly, but that stigma has changed rapidly over the last several versions. Now it is easier than ever for marketing professionals to tailor and customize websites to fit a business's unique needs — all without disrupting the workflows of your development team.

In fact, marketing professionals and developers can now work together to achieve overall business goals, rather than constantly having to make adjustments due to changes one department has made. When everyone in an organization is on the same page, it makes for a stronger business that focuses more on the consumer experience.

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