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Pantheon believes that it is Drupal’s destiny to power double digit percentages of the internet and that much of that adoption will be through the use of high quality Drupal distributions. Here at Pantheon we have worked for the last year with several industry leading companies to offer their public Drupal distributions on our platform and privately work with many different organizations who are deploying their own private Drupal distributions through our “Pantheon One” offering. Our hope is that Pantheon can be an important tool in making Drupal distributions work for everyone.

Drupal Distributions: Powered by Pantheon

As a magical all-in-one Drupal platform, Pantheon provides some extremely powerful features to support the installation and operation of Drupal distributions. These include:

  • Click to Install - As part of the Pantheon dashboard, users can easily create new sites based on any of the distributions (public or private) to which they have access. This simple process allows sites to be created quickly and especially benefits distributions targeting users new to Drupal who are *much* more likely to find Drupal happiness with “click to install” over “download tarball”. 

  • One Click Updates - Pantheon makes it easy for users of Drupal distributions to pull in updates to the distribution they are using. By harnessing our unique “one click” process for updating Drupal core, sites based on distributions can instantly not only update core but also all of their distribution’s bundled modules, themes and external libraries. 

  • Multisite - Although Pantheon doesn’t formally support Drupal’s “multisite” functionality, we do allow our “Pantheon One” users to deploy multiple sites on a common codebase. This allows organizations who want to manage many similar sites to leverage the efficiency gains of common code while maintaining the stability of separate sites all in one place. For more information on this approach, check out our blog post about Drupal multisite

  • Admin Dashboard - For developers or site owners who are responsible for managing many different sites based on a common codebase, we offer a global administrative dashboard which provides an overview of the status information about each site. This “god mode” dashboard helps even large organizations keep on top of their sites and make sure things are running smoothly.

Private Distributions: “Pantheon One” for Your Organization

These days many organizations are not just responsible for a single website, but are instead deploying dozens of different sites across their organization. Although these sites often share common functionality, both their users and content can be very different requiring a separate site. Pantheon helps those organizations succeed by providing support through our “Pantheon One” offering.

In a nutshell, our Pantheon One users are those who require the ability to deploy and manage dozens of different sites, often based on a common codebase. These include organizations like universities wishing to provide a common starting point for all their sites or large enterprises who need to roll out a microsites on a regular basis. Beyond the normal technical benefits outlined above, each Pantheon One package [details] can include:

  • Support for Custom and Private Distributions - Pantheon’s customer service experts will work directly with your organization to make sure you have a “one click” deployable solution for anyone you approve on the platform. 

  • Support for Scalability with Flexible Pricing - Only pay for the sites that you are currently taking live (development sites are always free) and have the flexibility to scale up or down the resources on each site that is part of your plan.

  • Migration Assistance - Work directly with Pantheon’s team of experts to move existing sites to the Pantheon platform to allow you to manage all of your Drupal sites in one place. 

If you are interested in talking more about how Pantheon One might help you manage all of your Drupal sites on Pantheon or how you can leverage a custom/private distribution for your organization, please contact us to chat about Pantheon One.

Public Distributions: Helping Drupal Grow

First class support for public distributions like Open Atrium or Panopoly on Pantheon is central to our vision of a Drupal powered internet and we are happy to work with an increasing number of distribution authors and host over a thousand of these sites on our platform. These partnerships allow companies who invest significant time building and maintaining great distributions to have a robust and easy to use platform on which to make their distributions available. 

Since Pantheon takes care of all of the details “under the hood”, distribution authors can provide their users with a free to get started, easy to use, high performance environment to host their sites without any system administration on the part of the distribution author. This frees up the authors to work on improving their product or providing profitable professional services and support for their users. 

As Robert Douglass over at Commerce Guys recently blogged, the “availability of targeted and optimized hosting” is critical for a “sustainable distribution”. It is our hope that Pantheon can provide that for many distribution authors. If you are interested in having your distribution hosted on Pantheon, let us know!

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