Drupal Development - "The Gizra Way"

Amitai Bustein is one of the founders of Gizra, a legendary Drupal contributor as maintainer of the Organic Groups (og) system, and gives amazing presentations. This is his BoF from DrupalCon Austin in which he explains "the Gizra way". It's a must-see for anyone dreaming of upgrading their development practices.

What's wonderful about Amitai's presentation is not just that it's entertaining and engaging, but that he's presenting hard-won real world experience with the best practices — automated testing, building with installation profiles, and so on. He makes these accessible and inspiring, and explains how these practices pay real-world dividends:

  • Standards, "code smell" is and why they matter.
  • How Harvard reduced the release cycle for OpenScholar from months to weeks with testing.
  • The practical benefits of agile processes and prioritizing "honest code" over formalities.
  • Dealing with deadlines and time estimates.

I've been personally quite impressed with Gizra's work over the years, and for developers looking to level up, or shop owners looking for inspiration and guidance on how to grow, this session is a goldmine. We hope you enjoy it!

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