Drupal 8: Panels & Page Manager

Drupal 8 core does an excellent job at managing content. You can create a new Content type, add some arbitrary Fields and then create tens or thousands or MILLIONS of pieces of content of that type. Then you can create Views which list, filter or otherwise mash up that content in interesting ways.

But what if you want to create a one-off, unique landing page? Or apply a custom layout to certain content or user pages? Unfortunately, this is still something you can’t do with Drupal core, even with Drupal 8.

Luckily, the familiar Panels and Page Manager modules will be available to allow you to do these things and more.

What!? We still need Panels in Drupal 8?

Yes. Drupal 8 development was broken up into several initiatives and there is a Layouts initiative (known as “SCOTCH”) which seeks to bring Panels-like functionality into core. While many of the low-level pieces necessary to build Panels (like plugins, improved blocks, variants, context, etc) were merged into Drupal 8, it fell far short of implementing a Panels-replacement in core.

However, with the new semantic versioning that will be used in Drupal 8, we’ll be able to merge new features in Drupal 8.1.x, 8.2.x, 8.3.x and so on.

The SCOTCH initiative lives on and we’ll continue trying to get more and more of the features of the Panels, Page Manager, CTools and Layout Plugin modules merged into Drupal 8 in point releases.

But for now, you can use them as contrib modules! Learn more each about module and their responsibilities in Drupal 8 here.

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