Develop Faster on Pantheon with Kalabox Beta

Pantheon has eliminated so many problems for us as developers. Our workflow is streamlined, our sites are more performant and uptime has never been better. However, one issue lingers: how do I develop Pantheon sites on my local computer?

Our team at Kalabox has been dedicated to solving this problem, and starting today we’ve made the beta version of Kalabox open to download by anyone who wants to experience a faster way to develop their Pantheon sites locally.

The Path of Sorrow (or “How NOT to do Local Development”)

Here’s an example of how I used to do local development with Pantheon:

  1. Start up MAMP or a Vagrant box

  2. Pull my Git repository. Import my database. Rsync my files.

  3. Cry because I’ll need to do this EVERY WEEK UNTIL I DIE.

When I got up the nerve to ask my friends what they used for local development with Pantheon, most went through the same cycle of pain.

A few had created scripts and other home-built solutions to automate pieces of the puzzle. Some had even abandoned local development and used SFTP with Pantheon’s Multidev feature.

But while I loved churning out bug fixes in Multidev on a whim, for complex feature development I still yearned for my debugger, browser reloading, and all the creature-comforts of the local development environment I call home.

How can Kalabox help me?

To solve these problems, we made Kalabox.

Kalabox is free to install and works on Mac, Windows, and many versions of Linux.

All your Pantheon projects can be imported directly into Kalabox. Your local site works just like it does on Pantheon: Apache Solr, Redis, Nginx, and even Varnish are all installed with the same configuration settings.

Need dev tools? With Kalabox you get…

  • Xdebug

  • WP-CLI

  • Drush

  • Git

  • Grunt

…and many more tools installed out of the box. If you use these CLI tools, just prefix your command with “kbox” (ex: “kbox drush status”) and you’re off to the races. Of course, you can still use your local versions of tools like Git or Grunt if you want, that’s half the fun of local development!

Did I mention Kalabox is open source? Come take a look at the code and participate on GitHub.

Start Developing Faster with Kalabox Now

Getting started with Kalabox is easy:

  1. Download the proper install package from our website

  2. Run the installer on your Mac, Windows, or Linux machine

  3. Open the Kalabox desktop application and click “Add New Site”.

Kalabox will then guide you through authenticating your Pantheon account and pulling down a site.

A Brighter Future for Developers

Our team is dedicated to making your day as a developer easier, but we need your help. Download Kalabox and let us know how we can improve it. If you’ll be at DrupalCon New Orleans, you can tweet @kalaboxme for a personal demo or come ask us questions at the Pantheon Workflow session.

Together we can eliminate drudgery to make our work as web developers more efficient and fun.

Check out these resources for further information:

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