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Commerce Kickstart & Open Atrium 2 on Pantheon

Pantheon wants to make it easy to deploy and maintain sites using Drupal distributions. We already offer our users the ability to  "click to install" many popular distributions and provide unique "one click update" technology to make it easy to keep your site's modules, themes, and libraries up to date. With several thousand sites based on distributions already running on Pantheon, we see a real future in this kind of work and today we are pleased to announce even more Pantheon distribution magic.

Commerce Kickstart on Pantheon!

Commerce Kickstart is the easiest way to get an online store up and running using the industry leading Drupal Commerce eCommerce framework. Built and supported by the eCommerce experts at Commerce Guys, Commerce Kickstart comes with a fully featured store, product catalog, and administration backend. It also integrates with a wide variety of Drupal Commerce specific extensions that make your online store even better. If you want to channel your inner Jeff Bezos without the hassle of maintaining your own servers, check out Commerce Kickstart on Pantheon today

Open Atrium 2: Alpha Available

Open Atrium revolutionized the world of Drupal distributions when it was released in 2009 and now, with the backing of Drupal distribution powerhouse Phase2, the bar is being raised yet again. Drawing on years of experience working with the Open Atrium community and leveraging the powerful Panopoly base distribution framework, Open Atrium 2 is poised to provide some industry leading social & business collaboration features. Check out a recording of their latest webinar for a good overview of some of those features and try out Open Atrium 2 on Pantheon today. The distribution is only an alpha release, but with Pantheon's "one click updates" it will be easy to follow the development progress. 

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