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Are Web Teams the Secret to Advancing Agile Marketing?

secret to agile marketing

If you’re a marketing leader, empowering your web teams with the technology to quickly iterate and deliver a great customer experience is one of the most important investments you can make in today’s digitally driven business environment. In fact, a handful of fortune 500 companies have gone on record to say that agile is the path forward for the marketing function. Fortunately, marketing leaders have a secret weapon—an ally with the experience to drive agile marketing adoption: their web teams.

The History of Agile

Agile approaches originated in software development in the mid- to late-1990s, completely revolutionizing the way developers managed projects. Like many movements, it started with a small set of individuals who discovered a better way of working. The movement gained real traction when 17 developers authored The Agile Manifesto, a document that gave the broader developer community a set of values and principles around which they could congregate. Years later, a small set of marketers adapted this to be marketing-specific and released The Agile Marketing Manifesto which hatched a related movement for marketers. 

Advancing Agile

With their technical background and years of agile software experience under their belt, web teams present a compelling opportunity for marketers looking to drive agile practices into the broader marketing function. In the second annual State of Agile Marketing Report, marketing leaders cited lack of training or knowledge about agile approaches as the biggest barrier to implementing an agile approach. That said, marketing leaders are more likely to succeed with agile out of the gate by partnering with their web teams on high-value projects to drive results more quickly.  

Building an Agile Ecosystem

My work interviewing marketers on The Marketing Agility Podcast indicates that agile is getting traction across a range of areas—from content marketing to advertising and marketing operations. The adoption of agile marketing is advancing at a healthy pace, and an ecosystem has formed to facilitate it. This ecosystem includes large and small consulting companies, business oriented agile certification programs, tooling to support an agile marketing practice, events, and lots of content. 

At Pantheon, we’re focused on delivering an integrated set of tools that support agile marketing leaders and their web teams. Under the banner of WebOps, our platform is the only website operations platform built from the ground up for agile teams. We’ve baked the agile process right into our workflows, giving web teams and marketers the agile superpowers to operate a single site or hundreds of WordPress and Drupal sites. Key enterprise players rely on Pantheon to deliver the seamless, WebOps-driven experiences their customers demand. But don’t take our word for it: Forrester Research recently confirmed this in its independent research report, the Total Economic Impact™ of Pantheon Website Portfolio Management.

We firmly believe that empowering marketers and web teams to adopt agile practices will facilitate broader adoption within the organization. If you’d like to dive deeper into how we can help your web team advance their agile marketing practice, contact one of our website experts today. 

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